Metal Garage Colors: Which Color Is Perfect For You

Are you in the process of buying a new metal garage and wondering what color would be best suited? Do you have a color scheme in mind, or do you want something that matches your existing structure? You are at the right place if you are confused about which color will suit your garage and whether metal can hold off paint for long. Let’s process the whole picture below and come along.

How Do You Select A Color For Your Metal Garage?

Research Local & HOA Rules

Before making any purchase, it is crucial to do some research in your area. You can take inspiration from architectural structures nearby. A color in sync with nearby surroundings can make your metal garage appealing and create a cohesive community style.

Consider The Purpose

What purpose does the steel garage serve to you? Is it for commercial or residential use? For industrial applications, it is best to opt for earthy tones that can conceal dust. If you want a steel structure for an office or retail store, consider colors that look inviting and attract customers. You can even select the color that matches the brand theme or logo.

Take Energy Saving Into Account

What is the local climate in the region you live in? You may want to consider the climate zone before selecting the garage color, both for functionality and to appear cohesive.

Now, if you live in a relatively moderate climate with sunshine throughout the year, you can consider light-tone colors. They will cool off your structure and keep the indoor temperature relatively cooler than outside by reflecting off sunlight.

For those living in colder regions, consider adding dark-tone colors that can absorb sunlight and make indoors warmer. Note that the roof is responsible for 25% of the heat transfer. So, select the color accordingly.

Cost Of Color

Another factor that you must consider is the color of your steel garage. But the price of paint varies with type. Some common paint types used in coloring metal garages are as follows:

  • Oil based paint
  • Latex based paint
  • Epoxy paint
  • High quality acrylic paint
  • Aluminum paint
  • Enamel paint
  • Emulsion paint

 Further, you can select a monotonous color, a two-tone color (two colors, one for the sidewall and another for the wainscot), or a paint that gives a wood grain effect. The cost will vary with the type of paint, labor, location, and no. of colors chosen.

Energy-Efficient Reflective Paint

These are specific paints that reflect the majority of the sunlight. They will keep your roof cooler and aid the HAVC system in working effectively. A well-insulated metal garage with energy-efficient paint will make it more comfortable for you to work for a few hours or have a home office along with parking.

If you have installed a metal structure for commercial purposes, reflective paint will save a few dollars on energy bills if you do not want to invest in solar panels.

Match With Existing Structure

Are you installing a steel garage on your existing property? If so, you may want to match it with the existing structures on your property to give it a cohesive appearance. This will enhance the overall look of your property. If you install a commercial steel garage, you can match it with your business’s visual aesthetic or a color that matches your logo.

Camouflage Your Steel Garage

If you don’t want your garage to be the first thing people notice, you can use colors that match to the surroundings to camouflage it. This way, you can even use it as a man cave, she shed, or any other personal area where you can go and relax.

Kaleidoscopic Paint – Aesthetics

Here, the color gradually shifts from silver or lavender to mint green and silver blue, creating a multi-color hue for the roof and wall panels.

What Is The Cost Of Painting Metal Garage?

If you have selected a prefab garage with its pre-existing paint, chances are you don’t have to pay extra unless you choose a different color. The final pricing of the painting will depend on the following:

  • Size of your garage
  • No. of colors you want (for roof, walls, trim, and wainscot)
  • Your location
  • Cost of each paint (in case of non-monotonous buildings)
  • Labor charges (if you are not DIYing)

What Are The Popular Color Schemes?

The most popular colors in the US are neutral tones. Yes, you read that right. Grey, white, and beige are amongst the most sought-after colors for the exterior of residential buildings. The reason is simple: neutral colors are versatile and can complement any existing structure.

Neutral Tone      Bold Color    Earthy Tone
  • White
  • Cardinal Red
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Clay
  • Blue
  • Dark Grey
  • Beige
  • Sandstone
  • Black
  • Barn Red

Colors are generally added to roof panels, side wall panels, trim, doors and windows (including their frames), and wainscot (lower part of the exterior sidewalls). You can paint the entire structure with the same color or add some dimensions to it. Adding a wainscot color at the bottom of the metal garage makes it look pleasing. For wainscot, we recommend that you select a color that can mask dirt so that you don’t end up cleaning all the time.

Some Color Combination Examples For Metal Structures

Roof Color    Walls Color    Trim Color
White Blue Dark grey
Clay Dark green Black
Red Beige Deep red
Barn red Deep red black
White White beige


You can even leave the galvanized steel without paint. Note that some paint can cost more than others. For instance, reflective paint for roofs may cost more than regular paint because it offers color and functionality.

At The End Of The Day

You can always ask your metal builder for guidance in choosing a color that fits your budget, is functional, and adds aesthetic elements to your metal garage. Do not forget to look into HOA and local guidelines to know if there is any color restriction. Some new neighborhoods may have specific agreements regarding color schemes. All this information may be found online or by visiting your local authority office.

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