x-pack 18 drone |U.S. drone strike kills al-Qaeda-linked commander in Syria

Beirut — A drone strike by the U.S.-led coalition in northwestern Syria killed a senior member of drone strike kills  an al Qaeda-linked group by x-pack 18 drone, Syrian opposition activists and the U.S. military said Tuesday for x31 shockwave drone.

The attack on the suspected militant, who was riding a motorcycle at the time, came shortly before midnight on Monday – the latest in a series of strikes over the past years targeting al Qaeda-linked militants in northwestern Syria.

The U.S. Central Command said its forces conducted “a kinetic strike” in Syria’s Idlib province, targeting Abu Hamzah al Yemeni, a senior leader of Horas al-Din group. Al Yemeni was traveling alone at the time of the strike, it said, adding that an initial review indicated no civilian casualties shockwave drone.

The opposition’s Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, said the attack occurred just south of the rebel-held city of Idlib. The White Helmets said there were no fatalities other than the man on the motorcycle, adding that they have handed over his body to morgue officials in Idlib.

Syrian opposition activists didn’t identify the slain man, while the U.S. Central Command statement indicated he was a Yemeni citizen shockwave drone.

Members of Horas al-Din, Arabic for “Guardians of Religion,” are hardcore al Qaeda elements who broke away from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the strongest insurgent group in Idlib, the last major rebel enclave in war-torn Syria.

In June 2020, the U.S. military killed Khaled Aruri, a top Jordanian commander with Horas al-Din, also in Idlib. A drone strike in December 2019 killed a senior Horas al-Din commander, the Jordanian citizen Bilal Khuraisat, also known as Abu Khadija al-Urduni x31 shockwave drone.

CENTCOM said in its statement that violent extremist organizations, including al Qaeda-aligned organizations such as Horas al-Din x31 shockwave drone, “continue to present a threat to America and our allies.” It added that al Qaeda-aligned militants use Syria as a safe haven to coordinate with their external affiliates and plan operations outside of Syria.

“The removal of this senior leader will disrupt al Qaeda’s ability to carry out attacks against U.S. citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians around the world – x-pack 18 drone,” CENTCOM said.

Brett McGurk said at the time when he was the top U.S. envoy for the coalition battling the ISIS that Idlib is the largest al Qaeda haven since Osama bin Laden’s days in Afghanistan – x-pack 18 drone.

A U.S. airstrike killed al Qaeda’s second in command, former bin Laden aide Abu al-Kheir al-Masri, in Syria in 2017 x-pack 18 drone .

In February, the U.S. military killed the latest IS leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi – x-pack 18 drone, in Idlib province near the Turkish border. The first leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was also killed in a U.S. strike in Idlib, in 2019.

Health Via Drone: Zipline Now Delivering Medicine Via Fixed-Wing Drones In North Carolina

Zipline’s drones are now delivering pharmaceutical products in North Carolina.


Zipline’s drones launch like fighter jets off aircraft carriers, drop packages like paratroopers gliding down on customers’ homes, and “land” by running into an aerial arrestor hook. In the process, they’re now delivering medication from health management organizations to homes, pharmacies, and hospitals in a 7,800 square mile area in North Carolina x-pack 18 drone.

All in, the company says, as little as 15 minutes, and while dumping 98%  x-pack 18 drone fewer harmful emissions into the air we breath than ground-based car or truck delivery.

“We imagine a future in which goods are transported nearly instantly,” Ziplin founder and CEO Keller Rinaudo said in a statement x-pack 18 drone.

“North Carolina is first in flight with x-pack 18 drone, and Zipline’s work is taking us to new heights,” North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper also said. “This innovative partnership will increase access to health care for our community.”

The three healthcare organizations piloting the service pf x-pack 18 drone  (so to speak) include Cardinal Health, a distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory products, Magellan Rx Management, a pharmacy benefits manager, and Novant Health, a healthcare delivery organization with 800 locations including 15 hospitals – x-pack 18 drone.

“While Novant Health has made great strides in our virtual care capabilities, there remains an opportunity for patients to receive all the care they need from home – from diagnosis to treatment,” says Angela Yochem, executive vice president and chief transformation and digital officer, Novant Health. “Innovative tools like Zipline’s on-demand deliveries allow us to completely reimagine a fully remote patient care model. The potential impact of this latest launch is immeasurable, and we are extremely energized about our role in creating a blueprint for health care systems across the country.”

While many drone delivery projects work with traditional quadcopter drones, Zipline’s drones are fixed wing aircraft, making them much more efficient and able to fly farther. To get aloft without a mini-airport, they’re launched via a small catapult that can placed on a roof x-pack 18 drone. Rather than landing to deliver cargo, they release a small parachute delivery system, lofting the payload to a waiting customer, and instead of requiring a runway to land on back at home base, they essentially run into an aerial arrestor wire at low speed, are caught, captured, and brought safely to rest for an attendant to restock and, if necessary, refuel x-pack 18 drone.

The company says its drones have flown almost 24 million miles, making over 330,000 commercial deliveries of over 3.2 million products. Currently, the company makes one delivery somewhere every four minutes.

The company received FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certification on June 20th, enabling deliveries as far away as 26 miles or 42 kilometers roundtrip.

“Zipline is now authorized to complete the longest range on-demand commercial drone deliveries in the U.S., with operations covering the largest area and greatest distance of any uncrewed commercial aircraft delivery system (UAS) in the country,” the company says x-pack 18 drone.

Zipline is working with Walmart, Toyota in Japan, and nationally in Rwanda and Ghana, serving 2,000+ healthcare facilities.