Why Speed Is the New SEO for the PHP Website Development Services?

Website speed has become a crucial speed factor. A website that can optimize its website to load faster tends to lose its ranking as well as its potential customers. Below, you will read why website speed is the new SEO.

We are living in an age of technology. Almost every person today uses mobile devices to make a search on the internet. This change has encouraged both small and large-scale business organizations to create a mobile version of their business website with PHP Website Development Services to cater to needs of the modern customers. But once they have created the mobile version of their business website then, what should be the next?

What is page speed and why it matters? 

Once finished creating the mobile-friendly website, you have to start focusing on the page speed. Page speed refers to the specific time a particular page takes to display its images, content, and more. Google keeps an eye on page speed. To do this, they use the point-based system based on the two main components first is the time above the fold and the second is the full page load.

When optimized correctly the page speed can work like magic for an SEO website. No matter what type of product you sell or what are your business goals the fast-loading sites received 25 percent more visitors, higher ad views, better reputation, and lower bounce rates. In short the faster your site the higher your conversion will be.

How to optimize for speed?

The very first step to optimizing the website is to analyze its current position and performance. Once, confirm the slow loading speed, you can start with modifications to speed it up. You can optimize images, and banners, and minify coding through the caching system. One excellent way to do this is to hire a Web Development agency. They will optimize the website speed which takes lots of time and effort on your behalf.

Today, there are several website builders like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Duda.

Decide how fast is fast for you.

The minimum page speed Google has fixed is half a second. However, they have a set threshold is 2 seconds any website beyond this limit considered a slow speed. The site speed depends on the platform the website is building. Let’s take a Google Page Speed insight of above website builders mentioned above.

  1. WordPress  

As per the Google page speed, WordPress scored 83/100 on desktop and 62/100 on mobile. The result was based on the test conducted on the first theme of WordPress.

  1. Weebly

Second, on the list, Weebly scored 48/100 on mobile devices and 58/100 on the desktop. It was based on the Weebly website design and development services love theme.

  1. Duda

Beating WordPress in the race Duda has scored 91/100 on mobile devices and 97/100 on the desktop. The result was based on the test conducted on the website created on the platform. From all of the above Duda has the highest score on Google speed performance.

  1. Wix

Based on the barista theme the wix has scored 48/100 on mobile and 71/100 on the desktop. Qdexi Technology provides Web Development services to optimize your website speed for SEO.

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