What Are the Top Reasons That You Should Visit Istanbul

Once you speak of a city like Istanbul, which I the largest city in Turkey, it is an excellent blend of history, culture, and modernity. You can find something or the other for you to enjoy and learn from in this place of the world. Moreover, in the busy city of Istanbul, going around the lively and vibrant streets can feel somewhat exciting but even a bit scary. But you don’t have to panic because there is provision of taxi service in Istanbul that you can make the most of. With the experts taking you to different places right from the airport when you land there; you don’t have to hassle at any point. Anyhow, for now, read on some of the main reasons that you must visit Istanbul.

Great historical significance 

You know Istanbul is a city that is very old  having lots of history. It was once the capital of three huge empires: the Roman Empire, even the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. These empires have all left their influence and mark on the city. Once you are there, you can find out different important and good places to visit.

One of these places is known as the Hagia Sophia. It was constructed as a church in the times of 537 AD by Emperor Justinian I. Later, after the Ottoman Empire conquered the city, it was switched into a mosque. Now, it is simply a museum in which people can learn about its overall history. Another critical place is the Topkapi Palace. Ottoman sultans did lived there for nearly 400 years. It was their main home.

The Basilica Cistern  is also one place that you can definitely visit to as it is a worth seeing. It’s an underground kind of place that was constructed in the 6th century. It displays how clever the people of Istanbul were at attaining the water. Moreover, not to miss that there are many more places like these in Istanbul. They inform the story of how the city has altered over hundreds of extensive years.

Immensely Vibrant Markets 

You know Istanbul’s markets are a definite sensory delight, busy and packed with activity and filled with a diversity of goods. The Grand Bazaar which is one of the hugest and oldest covered markets in the world, stretch over 60 streets and include more than four thousand shops. Here, you can easily and effectively find everything from intricate jewelry and colourful textiles to even conventional ceramics and aromatic spices.  You would find the entire environment therein full of the scent of striking spices, wonderful dried fruits, and rich nuts. The point is simple, such are the markets that are not simply places to shop but even are cultural experiences in themselves. These ensure that you get a glimpse into the regular life and traditions of Istanbul.

Amazingly Stunning Architecture 

The beauty of Istanbul is breathtaking. The Blue Mosque, even known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is a famous and popular sight having six tall minarets and even gorgeous domes. Inside, there are more than twenty thousand blue tiles that are made by hand, giving the mosque its name. The Hagia Sophia is another immensely stunning building that has amazed folks for centuries. The point is the huge dome of this  along with detailed mosaics, and blend of Christian and Islamic designs make it exclusively special. The Galata Tower offers wonderful views of the city and the overall Bosphorus. It reminds visitors and people as a whole of the Genoese people who impacted Istanbul in the fourteenth century. Each building in the city of Istanbul possesses a tale to tell about its rich history and even diverse culture.

Scrumptiously rich Cuisine 

From rich traditional to modern, the culinary scene  of this city has it all. It is time that you start your day with a sesame-coated , a simit, Turkish bagel, teamed up with a deliciously steaming cup of Turkish tea. You know you can even choose to indulge in lunch or even dinner with flavorful kebabs, mezes  and even stuffed veggies or dolmas. It is time that you do treat yourself to baklava, a sweet pastry of layered or covered filo filled with nuts and even soaked in syrup. And make sure that you do not forget to skip Turkish coffee, well-known for its bold taste and even distinct type of brewing process. Every single bite and sip in Istanbul reveals the diverse and vibrant culinary heritage of Turkey, and hence, ensuring every single meal is a pleasant journey.

Explore The Bosphorus 

The Bosphorus Strait is somewhat a big part of Istanbul. It splits the entire city into two parts: Europe and even Asia. Taking a boat ride on the Bosphorus is definitely a special way to witness Istanbul. You can see old palaces, even forts, and new buildings coupled with the shore. The Dolmabahce Palace is there that is one beautiful spot right by the water. And not to mis there is the Rumeli Fortress,  developed to guard the city long ago. The point is the entire area is filled with small houses and diverse types of constructions giving you an unusual experience.

Immense diversity in culture 

Istanbul is just like a mixing pot of cultures, in which East meets West. You can even see this mix in its neighbourhoods, food, and people. The city has manifold of different cultures, and you can even witness them in festivals, music, and art. Diverse types of places such as Sultanahmet have ancient stuff to see, while Beyoglu has classy and cool spots to go out at the time of night and wtiness modern art. The food of Istanbul is also a mix of manifold of different styles, like from the Middle East and Mediterranean.  


To sum up, not to miss that Istanbul is one city that ensures that you get perfect blend of the old and even the new. The rich history, gorgeously loving architecture, delicious cuisine, and even warm hospitality  that the city offers you make it a must-visit destination.  You can book your airport taxi Istanbul and ensure that the moment you land there, you have a chauffeur ready for you to take you to places.