What are the questions to ask before you buy an Alexandrite?

Explore the fascinating world of color-changing items while searching for an alexandrite jewel. Make sure you ask all the proper questions before buying this rare and intriguing gem to make a wise and pleasant purchase. Alexandrite stone prices range from INR 1 lakh per carat to 10 lakh per carat plus in India.

What are the questions to ask before you buy an Alexandrite?

Let’s explore the secrets and questions you should ask yourself before buying an alexandrite stone.


  1. You need to find out where the gem came from. Let’s start from here. One of the interesting facts about Alexandrite changing colors is that it comes from many places, like Sri Lanka, Russia, and Brazil. Knowing the place of its origin doesn’t prove that it is a legal one; rather, this makes it unique as well.
  2. The Chromatic Transformation Phenomenon of Alexandrite: Stones change color dramatically when exposed to different lights, unlike other stones. Ask about the gem’s hue-changing ability and range. To appreciate the gem’s form-changing ability, you must understand how it works.
  3. Questioning for a gem’s quality: If it’s about perfection, then all the queries should be raised for the gem’s quality, including things like cut, clarity, and carat weight. A good stone will have a color shift that can be seen, have few flaws, and be expertly crafted. Know these quality parameters to make an informed purchase.


The Symphony of Minimalists:

The cut and the size are the two important factors that make each diamond unique. You can get other forms if you ask about them. They range from the more common oval and circle cuts to ones that are more creative. You can find an Alexandrite that fits your style better if you know about the different sizes and shapes.


  1. Treatment Disclosure: To make the treatment more clear, find out if the Alexandrite stone has ever been treated or changed in any way. Talking about therapy in an open and honest way can help you make sure that ethical problems are in line with your own values. When working with a stone that holds high value for its natural beauty and limited availability, ensuring its authenticity becomes crucial.
  2. Making collaboration better: If you want to turn your gemstone into jewellery, think about ways to set it that will show off its best features. When you set a stone the right way, it brings out its beauty and turns it into a work of art that anyone can wear, no matter what style they like.
  3. The Chronicles of Certification:Your Alexandrite should come with real paperwork and proof from a reputable gemological lab. Having certificates that show the product is real, of good quality, and from the right place gives you peace of mind and trust in your purchase.
  4. The Importance of Culture: Talk about how gemstones fit into history and the story of how they were found in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The gem looks more interesting and valuable as you learn more about its past.


Alexandrite gems are a fantastic way to learn about color-changing objects. Answering these simple questions will help you discover this gem’s ever-changing hues and begin your search for a valuable stone. I hope your inquiries help you discover the right rock for your gallery. To know more, contact us at Navratan gemstone Gems Bazaar.