Transform Your Bathroom Space with Patterned Vitrified Tiles


Looking for ways to infuse patterned vitrified bathroom tiles to transform your bathroom space into a relaxing retreat? Whether you want to create a spa-like shower space or a feature wall to highlight your grand bathtub, patterned tiles can help you achieve your desired look. So, here are some patterned tile designs that you can add to your bathroom to create your own creative, relaxing space. Take a look at these designs in your nearest tile showroom in New Delhi.

Patterned Vitrified Tiles to Upgrade Your Bathroom Space 

Bold Backsplash 

Patterned tiles are great for creating a visually striking accent wall in different spaces, including bathrooms. You can create a focal point in your bathing space using an eye-catching patterned tile design. Besides that, these patterned tile designs can add depth to the space, making your generally small bathroom appear larger. You can check out different decorative wall tiles that are printed with diverse designs to find one for your bathroom backsplash that complements the rest of the walls and flooring but stands out at the same time. Apart from that, you can also add them to the wall behind your bathtub for an interesting look. 

Patchwork Tiles 

Nowadays, patchwork tile designs like Moroccan tiles are winning the decor game in every setting. Homeowners are going for these tiles to create an eye-catching bathroom design. You can lay them on walls or flooring, or just one wall and extend them to the flooring, creating a captivating and utterly fabulous pattern. Also, you can pair them with a similar-toned plain cement tile design to create a lush bathroom space in your home.

Flashy Floral Tiles 

Floral tiles have always been a preferred match for bathrooms as they can provide a sense of freshness and a natural feel to the space. Any good tile showroom in New Delhi has a huge display of floral prints with different blooming flowers and leafy designs. These tile designs can make the space feel more naturally relaxing, creating a tranquil atmosphere within the space. You can combine these tiles with complementing plain wall tiles of similar tones to create a sense of balance in the bathing space. Further, you can accentuate the floral designs with stainless steel and wooden cabinet fixtures.

Rustic and Refined Pattern Tiles 

Nature-inspired tile designs with patterns can also be a great addition to any bathroom decor. Some popular designs with natural patterned looks are limestone and granite which come with natural veining and grain lines. These tiles can provide a rustic touch to the bathroom look. So, if you want to infuse a nature-inspired tile design, you should think of adding the nature-inspired weathered tiles to add rustic charm and build a calm and serene atmosphere, turning your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. 

Subtle Patterns to Infuse Serenity 

If you want to infuse patterns into your bathroom but like to keep things minimal, then you should go for subtle tile patterns. For example, you can pick a classic grey-toned subtle floral pattern vitrified bathroom tiles to highlight your bathroom backsplash or the wall behind the bathtub, without adding an exaggerated design or overwhelming the space. You can also combine a combination of light and dark hues of plain grey tiles to spruce up the overall relaxing look of the bathroom. All in all, patterns in grey tones are ideal for creating a grand spa-like bathroom. 

Jazz Up with Geometry 

Like living rooms and kitchens, geometric tiles can be used in bathing spaces. These tiles can provide a mid-century charm to your bathroom. Thanks to their square, rectangular, and circular designs, they can add a jazz look to the overall setting. You can explore a range of geometric tiles that you can check out for adding to your bathroom feature wall or flooring. The captivating designs of these tiles can enhance the bathroom interiors without disturbing anything else. 


The captivating designs of pattern tiles can in no way create a dull and displeasing look in the bathroom. So, visit your nearest trusted tile showroom in New Delhi, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore patterned vitrified bathroom tiles for your home bathroom.