Three Major Reasons Why You Need A Two Car Garage

Are you in the midst of buying a new garage but are unsure about the size you should pick? Have you considered installing a two car garage building on your property? Knowing your garage dimensions helps you to plan the interior layout. Here, we will discuss some features of a two car metal garage that you can install, along with all the benefits that it has to offer. So, let’s roll in.

3 Key Justifications For Owning A Metal Two Car Garage

1. Vehicle’s Safety

The number one thing a garage provides is safety and security for your cars. They protect against external dangers and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. Car insurance companies may also consider a dedicated parking space into account when offering you a premium.


Rainwater mixes with pollutants in the air, which can scrape off paint and the car’s body. In addition, water brings germs and mildew and can damage the electrical circuit within the vehicle if it enters the engine. That’s why the garage is the best nest for your car. It is safe from moisture and condensation build-up inside it.


Extreme cold can reduce battery life and damage brake pads, causing leakage of fluids and may lead to rust. If accompanied by hail, it can dent the metal body and break the window glass. A steel two car garage can refrain all of these from happening.

High-Speed Wind

The US is home to some of the extreme tornadoes and hurricanes. These are often accompanied by high-speed wind. Certified two car metal garages can withstand wind speeds up to 150 to 170 miles per hour and, hence, are the best choice to protect your car and belongings.

Summer Heat

Summer heat can bring humidity, which can heat up the interior of your car like an oven. A garage will provide shade, and with vents, you can maintain and regulate indoor airflow.


Certified and insulated steel two car garages are excellent for winterizing your vehicle. They can tolerate a snow load of 20 to 40 pounds per sq. ft., and a vertical roof enhances easy slide off of snow. So, no snow builds up on your car’s roof.

2. Additional Space     

Versatile Use

You can use a 2 car garage building as a multi-purpose unit. Some of the common uses are:


  • Storage unit
  • Rental unit
  • Office space
  • Art studio
  • Man-cave
  • She-shed
  • Extra living space

Two car garages are highly customizable. You can add features like external facades and colors to give them a contemporary look.

Extra Room

You can create a separate room for your DIY projects, passion, arts and crafts, or a workshop to repair or create new items.

Storage Unit

You can install vertical racks, shelves, foldable desks, peg boards, magnetic boards, and hooks to create a separate storage section that organizes all your belongings.

Some Common Sizes Of Two Car Garages Are

The standard width of a two car metal garage is between 22 and 26 ft., and the length is between 20 and 24 ft. You can either opt for a single garage door (about 8 to 10 ft. wide) or a double-wide door (12 to 16 ft.) that can be 7 to 8 ft. tall.


Type Width x Length

(in ft.)


(in ft.)

Fully enclosed vertical garage 20 x 25 9
Custom utility garage 20 x 36 10
Enclosed metal building with lean-to 26 x 31 11


The average cost of a 2 car garage is $2000 to $5000. The exact prices can vary with customization and additional accessories features.

3. Right Investment

Increase The Value Of Your Property

A two car garage building protects your vehicle from harsh weather and provides a dedicated parking space, making your property attractive to potential buyers. A garage on your property can increase its value by up to 11 to 13%.

Energy Efficient

It’s not just about installing a metal garage on your lot; much goes into maintenance and energy bills. With metal, installing an insulator and vapor barrier and getting LEED certification becomes easy. Further, steel is sturdy and retains strength with time. Hence, solar panels can be easily installed on the roof. All this will bring down the energy bills and save you some bucks.

Get Tax Credit

Once you make your steel 2 car garage building energy efficient, you can apply for several government tax credits. This can save you up to $3,200 annually.

Durable Structures

The value of any building depends on its strength and durability. The good news is that metal does not rot or decay with changing temperatures and seasons. In addition, metal is an inorganic material, which means it deters termite colonies, pests like rats or mice can’t chew through it, and mold and mildew are at bay.

All this prolongs the life of a metal structure. On top of that, you can have them without columns (clear span), which gives you the freedom to design floor plans according to your needs.

Low Carbon Footprint

Steel production is becoming more and more sustainable as the day passes by. For instance, more than 90% of water is returned to the source cleaner. Not just that, steel is also a 100% recyclable and eco-friendly product. Nowadays, more people are interested in buying products and services that boast eco-consciousness. Hence, your metal 2 car garage becomes an attractive feature for interested buyers.

To Sum Things Up

Most residential units in the US have garages not just as parking units but also as multi-functional. What makes a metal 2 car garage building a worthy investment is that they are durable, robustly built, and can withstand daily wear and tear more than any other material.

The entire structure will be in good shape for a decade with little upkeep. Even if you have one car, a two car garage is useful as it offers additional space to create a storage section, a home office, and even an art studio. Further, in the future, if you plan on buying a new car, you don’t have to worry about the parking area.


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