Some Unique Home Remodeling Trends in 2022 that will encourage you to renovate your Home in Alhambra

Find out the modern home remodeling designs to guarantee a perfect home renovation on your property

When Alhambra homeowners think of remodeling their apartments, they usually become thrilled about the possibility of creating a fabulous new living space. The bulk of homeowners wishes to remodel their homes to replace aging, damaged, and obsolete elements with new treatments that represent current design trends.

Irrespective of the fact that you plan to hire a designer, it’s a good idea to do some study on prevailing trends to figure out what you prefer your finished area to be like. Once you have specific goals in mind, you may explain your concepts to your designer or contractor like Queen Remodeling. If we are aware of your overall project plan, we can work towards fulfilling your dream home remodeling as per your budget.

Alhambra homeowners are contemplating the following design trends and ideas for their home remodels in 2022:

  1. Design Trends in Lighter Wood Tone

During a remodel, one of the most common requirements is to replace old and outdated carpets with wood flooring. This upgrade is not inexpensive, and it has a significant impact because flooring is needed in every room of the apartment. Residents in Alhambra are usually looking for lighter or warmer tones of wood flooring, such as White Oak or French Oak, rather than darker shades like mahogany or walnut.

  1. Design Trends with Accordion-Style or Folding Glass Doors

Large sliding glass doors that open up to the backyard in many custom apartments are trending in California State. These glass doors complement the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. This type of door, also known as accordion-style, ‘nana-wall, or ‘bi-fold, creates a comparatively greater opening than a normal sliding door or patio.

  1. Design Trends in Brushed Gold Fixtures

Los Angeles citizens are increasingly opting for warm gold-tone finishes. Alhambra homeowners are also inclining towards metal fixture options beyond the regularly used bronze/black and chrome/nickel finishes. When used for plumbing and electrical works, these subtle color tones may dramatically improve the aesthetic of any area, like lighting fixtures or cabinet decor.

  1. Trending Designs for Powder Room Treatments

Powder rooms or bathroom improvements are relatively simple home remodeling projects which can be executed on a limited budget. Because it’s a small room, several easy design ideas for a fashionable burst of color are available. The usage of wallpaper on all bathroom walls or just the wall behind the vanity/mirror is a living trend we’re observing in the LA region. A comprehensive tiled wall can also create a similar aesthetic, although it will almost certainly be more expensive.

  1. Design Trends for Island Waterfall Countertops

If they have the space, most homeowners want to incorporate an island in their kitchen. An island is a functional and attractive addition to any kitchen. The installation of a waterfall edge countertop is one design that is still fashionable and gives an added sense of beauty to the kitchen island.

  1. Master Bathroom Concept

In the past, a master bath used to be incomplete without a large soaking tub. However, while remodeling their bathrooms, many homeowners opt to forego the tub and instead focus on installing a large walk-in shower. Because their busy schedules don’t allow them to take long baths, people prefer to invest in a large shower that may contain features such as steam nozzles, multiple showerheads, or ceiling-mounted rain-heads. We can suggest to our clients a curbless shower and a linear tile in the shower drain for enhancing the contemporary design.

  1. Tile Design Trends in Handmade Style and Large Format

Replacing old, worn-out tile is a common part of every home repair project. Large-format tiles, carrying the size of 24″ or 36″, are being employed to create a refined and seamless effect, particularly for larger areas such as floors or complete walls. This design approach necessitates the installation of tiles with no grout lines in between.

Alternatively, a ‘handmade’ porcelain tile, which has more flair as each tile has its distinct texture, glaze, and crackle. It is a trend we have been observing in smaller spaces. It results in some fascinating textures and variations that will let any space stand out. This pattern works well as a kitchen backsplash when installed behind the vanity/mirror in the bathroom.

  1. Design Trends for Flat Panel Cabinets

Cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are important design elements in any home makeover. We’ve noticed a tendency for clarity, simplicity, and minimalism in cabinetry. A modern flat-panel cabinetry concept is one option for our clients who want to attain this aesthetic. Flat-panel cabinets, especially in contemporary remodel, give an appealing and cohesive appearance.

  1. Design Trends in Dark Colors

White kitchens, tiling, and walls have been trending for a long time, and this design trend promises to stay for a long. Some homeowners have recently made daring design decisions, opting for dark or even moody colors for bathrooms, kitchens, tiling, and even paint colors. Remodelers are asking for strong colors like dark green, black, or deep blue for kitchen cabinets. These colors combine well with brushed gold hardware, which is another popular design trend.

  1. Design Trends for Large Gourmet Kitchens

With open floor plans still prevalent among homeowners, it’s no wonder that homeowners are investing a significant chunk of their budget in designing large, eye-catching kitchens. The most common open floor plan configuration produces a great room that includes the eating area, family room, and kitchen.

The kitchen deserves a lot of attention during any redesign because it has taken such a vital position in homes and has played a key role in conceiving space for families. We are creating kitchens that are both large and visually appealing, with lots of prep and storage space.


You’ll want to communicate your design ideas with your contractor once you’ve given some thought to your design possibilities and decided on the style and raw materials you want to procure. Finding the proper team to help you realize your goal is critical. Working with a decent contractor is always the first step. Alhambra home remodeling by Queen Remodeling may help you fulfill your dreams.

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