Patulin Test Reagents for Food Safety Applications

Creative Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, small molecule conjugates and critical assay reagents for food, feed, environmental and toxicological sample analysis, announces the availability of its high-quality Patulin Test Reagents. These reagents are suitable for assisting food producers and regulatory agencies in ensuring the safety of apples and apple-derived products.

Patulin is a secondary metabolite of certain fungi of the genera Penicillium, Aspergillus and Batrachytrium, but more specifically Penicillium expansum appears to be the fungus that produces patulin. It is a common contaminant of apples, and levels of patulin in apple products are often used as a measure of apple quality in food production. Patulin can be found in apple juice, apple sauce, apple puree, baby food and cider. It has also been found in other foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Patulin has been found to cause a variety of health problems in laboratory animals. There is concern that humans may be similarly affected and exposure should be minimized. Legal limits vary from country to country, and the World Health Organization recommends a maximum concentration of 50 µg/L in apple juice. In the European Union, the limit is set at 50 micrograms per kilogram (µg/kg) for both apple juice and cider, and at half that concentration, 25 µg/kg, for solid apple products and 10 µg/kg for products for infants and young children.

Creative Diagnostics is committed to providing high-quality testing solutions to help protect consumers from the potential health risks associated with Patulin contamination. The company now offers a comprehensive portfolio of Patulin Test Reagents for food safety applications, including Patulin ELISA Kit, Patulin Standard (95%), and Anti-Patulin Polyclonal Antibody. For example, the Patulin ELISA Kit (Catalog# DEIANJ49) is a direct competitive ELISA based on the recognition of Patulin by specific antibodies.

Creative Diagnostics Patulin Test Reagents provide food manufacturers with a reliable and accurate method for detecting Patulin in apple juice, applesauce, baby food and other apple products. By utilizing Creative Diagnostics’ Patulin Test Reagents, food manufacturers can ensure their products meet the highest safety standards. For example, they can monitor the quality of their apples and make sure their products comply with food safety regulations. Most importantly, early detection of patulin contamination helps prevent contaminated products from reaching consumers.

Creative Diagnostics is dedicated to providing quality reagents for safeguarding food quality and protecting public health. These highly specific Patulin Test Reagents offer scientists a valuable and efficient tool to detect the presence of patulin. For more information about food safety testing products, please visit

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, small molecule conjugates and critical assay reagents for the analysis of food, feed, environmental and toxicological samples. Its product portfolio covers a wide range of analytes including mycotoxins, drug residues, pesticides, contaminants, food allergens, food pathogens and vitamins. The company also assists customers in the rapid development, manufacture and commercialization of small molecule antigens, antibodies and food safety lateral flow strips for any market segment.