Ochratoxin Test Reagents for Enhanced Food Safety Analysis

Creative Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, small molecule conjugates and critical assay reagents for food, feed, environmental and toxicological sample analysis, announced the launch of its comprehensive portfolio of Ochratoxin Test Reagents. These reagents are specifically designed to aid in the accurate detection of ochratoxin A (OTA) in food products.

OTA is a para-chlorophenolic mycotoxin produced by molds of the genera Aspergillus and Penicillium. It is the most abundant and relevant mycotoxin of this group, while ochratoxins B and C are of lesser importance. This mold toxin is extremely harmful to human and animal health. Dietary exposure to ochratoxins can cause acute nephrotoxicity in mammals. In addition to its apparent nephrotoxicity, ochratoxin A has hepatotoxic, teratogenic, carcinogenic and immunosuppressive properties.

The main sources of ochratoxin are cereals, including barley, rye, wheat, corn, sorghum and oats. It is also found in commodities such as coffee beans, dried fruits and grapes, including wine and raisins. In addition, meat and meat products may be contaminated with this toxin. Regulations on OTA limits vary from country to country. Typical limits are 5 µg/kg for unprocessed cereals, 2 µg/kg for wine and 0.5 µg/kg for infant formula.

Ochratoxin A is of particular concern because it may be a human carcinogen, making its detection especially important. Recognizing the importance of accurate and reliable testing methods to ensure the safety of food products, Creative Diagnostics now offers a wide range of reagent products to assist in the accurate detection of ochratoxin, including Ochratoxin Immunoaffinity Columns, Ochratoxin ELISA Kits, Anti-Ochratoxin Monoclonal Antibodies.

Based on advanced detection technologies, these new Ochratoxin Test Reagents enable accurate detection of ochratoxin levels in a range of food samples, including grains, feedstuff, and processed foods, providing high sensitivity and specificity. For example, the Ochratoxin A Colloidal Gold Kit, a lateral flow immunoassay, can be used to detect ochratoxin A in grain and feed.

The new Ochratoxin Test Reagents are designed to assist food safety professionals in meeting their strict quality control standards. They are suitable for use in various testing applications and allow food safety professionals to choose the most appropriate testing method based on their specific needs and requirements. Creative Diagnostics remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for food safety testing. The launch of these new Ochratoxin Test Reagents shows the company’s dedication to ensuring the safety and quality of food products.

The new Ochratoxin Test Reagents from Creative Diagnostics offer a rapid, sensitive, and reliable solution for ochratoxin detection. For more information about Creative Diagnostics’ food safety testing products, please visit https://www.creative-diagnostics.com/food-analysis/tag-ochratoxin-36.htm.

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Creative Diagnostics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, small molecule conjugates and critical assay reagents for the analysis of food, feed, environmental and toxicological samples. Its product portfolio covers a wide range of analytes including mycotoxins, drug residues, pesticides, contaminants, food allergens, food pathogens and vitamins. The company also assists customers in the rapid development, manufacture and commercialization of small molecule antigens, antibodies and food safety lateral flow strips for any market segment.