Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation: Insights from Dr. Sam Jejurikar


Understanding the Need for Breast Augmentation

Many factors impact the appearance of women’s breasts. Childbirth, weight loss, gravity, and even basic genetics can affect size, structure, and overall symmetry. Fortunately, notes Dallas-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sam Jejurikar, women who aren’t happy with the appearance of their breasts — for whatever the reason — can do something about it. And the best part? With the latest surgical techniques and prosthetics, they can achieve natural-looking results that actually improve on what Mother Nature gave them.

Women seeking a fuller bust line and more cleavage, or those who wish to address sagging or disproportionate breasts (one being significantly larger than the other) often seek to have those issues addressed by means of breast augmentation. Thanks to his client-centric approach, extensive experience, and up-to-date training on emerging protocols, board-certified Dr. Sam Jejurikar is considered one of the premier plastic surgeons in Dallas to perform these procedures — and his reviews back up his stellar reputation.

Getting Natural-Looking Results Means Asking the Right Questions

Each of us has their own idea of what perfect breasts look like. When a woman’s breasts don’t come close to resembling that ideal, it can wreak havoc with her self-esteem. However, Dr. Jejurikar cautions, to achieve optimal results, it’s in patients’ best interests to have realistic expectations prior to undergoing breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedure.

In order to arrive at the most suitable surgical agenda for each patient, during his initial consultation, Dr. Jejurikar carefully listens to their postoperative goals. While an aesthetic appearance is certainly high on the list for most, Dr. Jejurikar notes cosmetic surgery isn’t all about the optics — especially when it comes to breast augmentation. Factors such as the patient’s height, weight, frame, and lifestyle factors must all be considered when deciding on the size and type of implant needed to ensure a successful and pleasing long-term result.

“I’m still thrilled with my surgery every day,” one Dallas breast augmentation patient enthused in her five-star review. “[Dr. Jejurikar] is the best surgeon! His interest in understanding my desired aesthetic and need to continue my very athletic lifestyle enabled me to feel very comfortable going forward with the surgery. His knowledge, expertise, and extensive experience were unparalleled. My results are outstanding. Much more than I could have imagined.”

Dr. Jejurikar’s State-of-the-Art Techniques Deliver Natural-Looking Results

Dr. Sam Jejurikar integrates state-of-the-art learning into his practice, ensuring that he and his team provide natural-looking breast augmentation results in Dallas. As one patient stated in a glowing review, “I recently used Dr. Jejurikar to do a breast lift, augmentation and tummy tuck … The office staff, nurses that took care of me during pre op, surgery and after care, and his staff that met with me after my surgery were top notch.”

One of the protocols in Dr. Jejurikar’s advanced arsenal is 3D imaging. As an essential planning tool, 3D imaging helps surgeons pinpoint the precise implants and techniques needed to achieve a desired outcome. Likewise, 3D imaging aids patients in making informed decisions by supplying them with realistic options best suited to their natural anatomical proportions. Having a good idea of the expected outcome also affords patients confidence and peace of mind prior to surgery.

How it works: In 3D imaging, a specialized camera or scanner takes and records breast images from multiple angles. The images are processed through bespoke software to create a 3D model of the patient’s preoperative (“before”) breasts. Next, using information gathered during the doctor-patient consultation — such as desired size, type, and shape of the implant, profile, and nipple/areola location, etc. — the surgeon (or a trained technician) can enter the predetermined parameters to create a customized “after” image.

Once the “after” image is created, it’s compared to the “before” image. Using feedback from the patient, surgeons are then able to fine-tune the projected results and make any additional changes the patient requests or the doctor recommends.

Innovations and Patient Satisfaction with Dr. Jejurikar

Gummy bear implants are one of the most advanced implants on the market. Approved for use by the FDA in 2006, gummy bear implants are made from a cohesive silicone gel that’s much safer than the earlier generation of silicone implants. They’re available in a wide range of shapes, including teardrop, round, and “natural,” as well as a variety of sizes and profiles. Although gummy bear implants aren’t right for everyone, they’re generally believed to deliver a more natural-looking result than traditional silicone or saline breast implants. And, because they were designed to mimic real breast tissue, they also achieve a more natural feeling result as well.

Gummy bear implants and 3D imaging are just two examples of the latest technological advances Dr. Sam Jejurikar employs in his Dallas practice. “Dr. Jejurikar and I decided on a more natural look with silicone, moderate-profile implants. We took time to decide on exact size so that they would truly fit my body and not be too obvious,” wrote a satisfied patient in her enthusiastic review. “How refreshing to have a plastic surgeon who really strived to give me the image I wanted … I’m now two years post-op and I love them more all the time. Best surgeon, best staff, best surgery center, and an overall amazing experience.”

If you’re considering breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or a mommy makeover, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sam Jejurikar today. Not only can he guide you towards achieving natural-looking results, but you can also read about the experiences of his many satisfied patients in his Dallas, TX reviews. Why wait? Dive into their testimonials and see for yourself.