Latest Tiles Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Are you thinking of tiling your small kitchen? If so, you must be wondering about the best kitchen tile design options that work well in small kitchens. Thankfully, most tile sizes, colours, and designs can be used in small areas. However, less space means you have less area to experiment with, and you should prefer lighter tones for a large-space look. Here are some new tiling ideas for small kitchens. 

Small Kitchen Tile Design Ideas 

Choose Patterned Floor Tiles

What can be better than making an impact with a stunning floor design when designing a small kitchen? You can pick a bold, beautiful, patterned tile design for your small kitchen space. To complement the floor tiles’ pattern design, keep your kitchen units and wall tiles in neutral tones. Also, patterned floor tiles come in diverse designs, offering endless possibilities for kitchen decor design. Whether you have a modernised modular kitchen or a traditional one, patterned floor designs are inexpensive to add a stylish look to the space. 

Pick Brightly Coloured Wall Tiles 

To create a trending look in your small kitchen, you can add gorgeous, modern kitchen tile design options. These days, homeowners are actively infusing pastel tones or bright colours to their kitchen walls, creating a lively and energetic ambience in the kitchen space. You can pair these brightly coloured wall tiles with a black-and-white themed floor design to create a sense of balance in the space. However, you should stick to the choice of neutral-toned cabinets to accentuate the overall kitchen decor. 

Keep It Natural with Stone Floor Tiles 

Natural stone tiles have always been an excellent choice for small kitchen areas to add a timeless and stylish look. Whether you plan to revamp your old kitchen setting or build a new kitchen look, invest in natural stone tiles like terrazzo, granite, or marble to infuse an organic touch into the space. Also, you can continue tiling the same natural stone tile design throughout your house to create a sense of flow and visually expand your small kitchen space. Also, unlike natural stone, these tiles are resistant to water and stains, making them easier to maintain.

Elevate Visual Expansion with Checkerboard Tiles 

One of the most classic floor designs is the checkerboard floor design, and it is still a stylish flooring design for modern interior settings, including kitchens. This design is easy to create by alternatively laying the black and white kitchen tiles. However, consider experimenting and trying to lay them creatively, like diagonal. By diagonally laying black and white floor tiles, you can make your small kitchen’s flooring appear wider and more classy. Also, you can experiment with the floor tile tones. You can pair blue, red, brown, or any pastel tone, instead of black, with white, creating an urban-chic floor design. 

Have Fun with Coloured Floor Tiles 

If you want to inject some colours into your small kitchen, the flooring is a good place to begin. Even though it is less obvious than the backsplash to have colours, you can combine colourful geometric tiles to create an interesting floor design that draws attention and serves as a focal point. You can pair your colourful floor tiles with neutral-toned or white wall tiles to complement the vibrancy of the floor. 

Go Large with Light-Toned Floor Tiles 

Use light-toned floor tiles in large sizes to make your compact kitchen look bigger. The light colours of the tiles can reflect light and make your small culinary space appear brighter, creating an impression of more space. Quite a suitable choice for small kitchens, these floor tiles may offer an incredible look. If you want to elevate the large-sized tiles of the flooring, consider picking marble-effect or plain white tiles for maximum impact. 

Add Style with Large Wall Tiles and Wooden Flooring 

If you are looking for a stylish small kitchen tile design that can elevate your small space, go for wooden floor tiles. These timeless tiles can blend into any kitchen decor and create a much warmer look than natural stone flooring. You can pick a pattern wooden tile design like herringbone for the flooring to add a sense of movement and make the space appear larger. Besides the wooden tile flooring, you can add large-sized wall tiles that match the backsplash, creating a coherent and uncluttered look.

Combine Large Format Floor and Small Wall Tiles 

Combining different tile sizes in one small space is a brilliant idea, creating a stylish look that draws attention. You can go for different tile designs for your walls and floors but prefer a large format tile option for the flooring and a small tile option for the walls. Also, pair a light-toned floor tile option with dark wall tiles to create a spectacular look. You can add open shelves instead of cabinets to make your feature tiles stand out even more. 


Now that you have come across some amazing kitchen tile design options, did you like any of these designs for your small kitchen? Reach out to the nearest Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore diverse tiling designs to expand your small, stylish kitchen space visually.