IRCTC Food Coupons: What You Need to Know for a Tasty Trip

The advent of technology has made travelling easy. People just need to book a ticket on a train and travel wherever they want. Technology has made everything close at hand. The more it evolves, the more innovations arrive for the comfort of human lives. From getting your favourite food at one click to arriving at a place in a short period, the tech world has simplified all of these.

Train food apps are one of the best gifts of mobile technology. Authorised by the IRCTC, these food apps deliver nutritious meals right to your berth on the train with just one click. If you own a smartphone and access the internet, ordering food is very easy, whether you’re a teenager or an older adult.

Train food apps offer numerous exceptional food services. The best thing about these food apps is their lucrative IRCTC food coupon. Who does not love to get discounts on online orders? Discounts on food ordered by railway food services let you save valuable money and increase the credibility of these apps. Above all, it makes your train journey more amusing.

Types of coupons Offered by Railway Food Apps

Rail food apps offer numerous attractive coupons to make your journey more comfortable. Following are the best coupons offered by a train food app that you can redeem while placing a meal order.

First Food Order Coupon

Are you also thinking of ordering food on the train but sceptical about it? Here is something to motivate you: Train food apps offer a sustainable discount on your first food order in train. You can enjoy your first platter ordered on the train at a lower price using the “First Order Coupons”. These coupons can be applied while checking out after booking an order.

Free Delivery Coupon

The best thing about online train food apps is that you don’t have to pay for food delivery. The rail-based food apps deliver food across all the major trains in India from about 2000 restaurants. The delivery person picks up the order from the restaurant and delivers it to your berth without delay. You will have to use free delivery coupons available on the train food apps to enjoy free delivery.

Interestingly, free delivery coupons are applicable on all types of orders like bulk meal orders, individual meals or pre-booked meals. Moreover, contactless delivery is ensured to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Group Order Coupon

Being on a trip with a group of people, like friends or family members, is fun. The group members spend time together, play games, gossip, and dine together. One thing that worries everyone while on a group tour on the train is getting good food. Carrying food for everyone in a group becomes cumbersome.

But rail food apps have your back. You can place a group food order in trains for everyone at the same time. For example, you can order pizza for children and a sugar-free diet for the elderly. You also get the option of customising your food choices.

Train food apps offer lucrative discounts on group food meals. Coupons like “MyGroup Coupon” lets you save up to 15% on a bulk meal. While ordering a group meal, you need to pay at least 40% in advance, and the order should be above 1500 rupees.

Other Lucrative Discounts

Train food apps offer several attractive coupons that you cannot ignore. You can enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal at a lower price using these coupons. These coupons are perfect for regular travellers as it leads to a good amount of savings. Some of the coupons offered by e-catering services like RailRestro are “BITE30” and “BUG HUNGER FEST.”

How to Use IRCTC Food Coupon

Follow the steps to use an IRCTC food coupon while ordering food on the train.

  • Open a train food app or download it from the Play Store.
  • Move to the “order food” section.
  • Enter the PNR number. To know your PNR number, check the ticket you received from IRCTC. It is a distinctive 10-digit code assigned to you after booking a ticket.
  • Check the food options available at the desired station.
  • Add your favourite meals to the cart.
  • Proceed to the next page.
  • Apply an IRCTC food coupon to redeem discounts.
  • Choose a payment option like cash on delivery or online payment.

Now, you have done your part. As your train arrives at the chosen station, the delivery person will deliver the hot and tasty meal to your seat on the train. If you have opted for the cash-on-delivery mode of payment, keep the cash ready to avoid the hassles of the train.

Other Aspects of Rail Food Apps that Help to Make the Most of Your Trip

Apart from lucrative coupons, train food apps present several other food services that will make your journey memorable for life.

User-friendly Features

Operating train food apps is a straightforward process. You are required to enter your PNR number and proceed as directed. Moreover, online food on rail apps ensures trusted food delivery to your berth without delays.

Pre-booking of Meals

Herein lies the best thing about e-catering apps. Weak internet connections on the trains can no longer be the hurdle in ordering food. You can now order your meal in advance, even before boarding the train. The food is delivered to your seat when the train reaches the selected station on the trip date. Train food apps locate your train using advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning and deliver food on time.

Customise Food as Per Your Choice

This is one of the finest services offered by train food apps. While ordering food on the train, you can add cooking instructions as per your liking. The customer service representative sends the instructions to the vendor so that your food can be cooked in your style.

Dedicated Helpline Number

Have you got any issues with your order, or do you want to add feedback? Train food apps come with a dedicated helpline number that connects you to the customer care executive, who resolves your issues within minutes. You can check the helpline number by navigating through the portal.

Diverse Food Options are Available

Train food apps save you from the monotonous food items pantry cars offer on trains. Using online rail food services, you can avail yourself of multiple varieties of food items, from an Indian platter to Chinese cuisine. You can also enjoy Jain food in trains, an Upvas platter, regional recipes, beverages, and so on.

Online train food service apps are well-liked and consistently used by thousands of train travellers. These apps not only satiate your appetite but also care for your health. Restaurants linked to e-catering services are FSSAI-approved and prepare your meal in hygienic conditions. They also follow the cooking instructions added to the order.

RailRestro has emerged as the saviour of travellers. It offers mind-blowing services on the train to make your journey more comfortable. Using railway food apps, you can book your meal in advance, place an order for a bulk meal, order a diverse variety of food items, and enjoy a good discount. Are you planning to travel by train shortly? Use the RailRestro app to order food on the train and apply an IRCTC food coupon to enjoy a happy meal.

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