IFGICT to partner with IEEE Standards

IFGICT will collaborate with the IEEE Standards to enhance its strategy with clients and customers.

IFGICT (International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology), an independent organization for certifications and examination services, has announced that it will use IEEE Standards to improve the strategy to provide high-quality standards and certifications to its worldwide clients. IEEE SA (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association) is a non-profit standards-setting body. It is dedicated to advancing technology and innovation for the benefit of humanity through its high-quality standardization. IEEE is also known as the center of standardization, with nearly 1,076 standards and over 984 projects under development. Some popular standards by IEEE include wireless LAN, wireless PAN, radio access networks, Ethernet, bridging and virtual bridged LANs, and more. 

IFGICT is an international organization of the highest quality examination and certification services for individuals and organizations. The IFGICT provides a wide range of global standards and best practice frameworks in Information and Communication Technology. IFGICT services include standardization for companies & organizations, and individual certifications such as ICT Standard, Cyber Security Standard, HealthCare Standard, AI Standard (by IFGICT/ITU), Sustainable Development Manager Certification, Strategic IT Professional SITP, Blockchain Expert, Machine Learning certification, and more. In addition, as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE SA) provides high-quality standards in information technology, IFGICT uses IEEE standards to provide standardization and certification to its clients. 

Standardization is essential as it ensures product and service quality, safety, and reliability. In addition, IFGICT follows the IEEE standard because it is a top developer of industry standards in a wide range of technologies. The IEEE Standards Association is a collaborative organization where innovators in technology raise the world’s standards for technology. IEEE develops global standards in various industries, including the internet of things (IoT), power and energy, artificial intelligence systems, consumer technology and consumer electronics, biomedical, home automation, robotics, nanotechnology, emerging technologies, and more. 

The IEEE Standards used in the IFGICT standard and certification will provide unparalleled standardization and certification for customers. IFGICT and IEEE are non-profit organizations. Their missions aim to advance tech and innovation for humanity with high-quality standards and certification. Therefore, both organizations will support each other in advancing technology through standardization in various aspects of information and communication technology. For more information about IFGICT and IEEE, as well as the missions, services, and standard types & categories, please visit their website at https://ifgict.org or https://standards.ieee.org/.