Plataforma Educativa in Spain wins SDG award quality certification from IFGICT

October 2022, the IFGICT awarded Plataforma Educativa in Spain Catalunya the SDG quality certification based United Nation SDG standards. The Educational Platform Group has been audited in all its services and projects and has received certification for the effective fulfillment of the 169 milestones involved in meeting the 17 SDGs. This is certified by the result of the audit carried out by the organization IFGICT (international certification body /), which was delivered last October 6, noted that Plataforma Educativa is one of the first organizations in Catalonia to have this international certification.

Plataforma Educativa is a social economy initiative that has contributed its experience in the field of social action since 1994. It brings together different non-profit social initiative organizations whose aim is to improve the quality of life of people with fewer resources and/or at risk. It offers support to the entities that are part of it, working together with them to help generate new opportunities through the recognition of the people they serve.

About UN-SDG Standard by IFGICT

The United Nations’ sustainable development goals are meant to address global problems that most countries have in common. For example, countries with relatively low Gross Domestic Product (GDP) output face similar challenges when it comes to national sustainability. This is because both developed and developing countries share an interest in boosting their economic growth. To that end, they have established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are 17 specific targets that member nations agree upon at UN summits to promote global peace and prosperity.

Each of the 8 goals has a dedicated UN sustainability indicator to measure progress toward the goal. For instance, one indicator states that by 2030, food production should increase by at least 70 percent compared to 2010 levels. In addition, there is also an indicator for water conservation, quality and use called the target for Sustainable Development of Water and Sanitation. The indicator for education is for Universal Primary Education, and there’s an indicator for gender equality for Gender Equality in Empowering Women in Development Goals. There’s also an indicator for combating climate change called the target for Low CO2 emission levels globally.

In addition to setting sustainable development goals, the UN promotes sustainable lifestyles by spreading knowledge about environmental conservation through education and communication platforms like television shows and comic books in countries with low-income levels. Furthermore, it promotes environmentally friendly manufacturing processes through its Industrial Development Goals (IDGs). Achieving these goals promotes global peace since it promotes healthy environmental conservation in every country around the world.

Sustainability is a concept that is intrinsically linked to global peace and development. By fostering a healthy environment, humanity can prosper without infringing on its natural environment or diminishing its resources. As such, promoting sustainability is a noble goal that can only succeed when supported by a stable system of political principles and values worldwide.

The IFGICT is certification body partner with ITU, IEEE and UN, concerning SDG, ICT standard, cyber security A.I. standard and blockchain standard, companies or organizations seeking to become certified by IFGICT needs to apply through their website