IFGICT Publishes the most comprehensive technology exponential chart from 1970 to 2055

This chart by IFGICT illustrates how the technological revolution has exceeded predictions in various technological eras. This chart serves as a reference for decision-makers on how the technological revolution is progressing so quickly.


IFGICT (International Federation of Global Information Communication Technology), the world’s largest ICT Federation, has published the most comprehensive and dangerous chart in the world that explains the expectations for the technology expansion and where we are heading. This chart describes how the revolution in technology is moving so rapidly from the Semiconductor and Transistor era in 1970 to Quantum Technology in 2055. The graph demonstrates that in the era of microtechnology and nanotechnology, the expansion of technology has exceeded projections. The data will raise awareness among all of us, particularly decision-makers in future policy decisions.


In addition to the rapid expansion in technology starting from 1970 to 2055, the IFGICT chart has shown the annual achievements of the revolution in technology. For instance, in the 1970s, there was an expansion of 3.5% of Semiconductors and Transistors, while in 1990, the expansion exceeded 3.5% and reached almost 5% in the Microtechnology era. Moreover, in 2010, the expansion exceeded 5% of the technology because of the Nanotechnology era. Furthermore, in 2030 we are expecting 12.5% of the expansion of the technology due to the application of HIM to technology that will be happening to start in 2030, and by 2050 the expansion of the technology will reach 33.5% due to the era of Quantum Technology. Eventually, we will be reaching a 52% rate of technology rapidly compared with 2% in 1970, which will be happening in 2055. The chart also shows that there were 5 revolution times in 2010 compared to 1990. Technological revolutions have both positive and negative impacts on society. From the chart, we understand that the revolution in technology is going further than forecast.


A technological revolution is a period in which existing or even more technologies are quickly overtaken by another, more innovative one. It is a period of accelerated technical advancement defined by new innovations. Moreover, the rapid application and diffusion of which often results in a drastic change in society. The chart shows us how rapid changes in technology from 1970 to 2055 resulted in a technological revolution from Semiconductors to Micro technology, to Nano technology, to Femto technology, to Quantum technology.