Discover Different Tile Textures in Pune to Improve Your Living Space


When it comes to improving living spaces, you should not ignore the decorative effect of texture tiles to customise your interiors as you desire. Undoubtedly, tiles are ideal for adding decorative textures to spaces because of their repetitive module nature, diverse finishes, longevity, and minimal maintenance needs. You can explore diverse texture tile options in any good tiles showroom in Pune. Read on to learn more about different tile textures. 

Modern Surfaces and Tile Textures 

In earlier eras, it was really hard, if not impossible, to manufacture smooth and plain surfaces. That’s why older buildings possess a marked tactile quality, which enhances their values significantly. The attractive properties of textures are still prevalent in the modern interior design world. People are now opting for textured tiles to add the same sensation of old craftsmanship and old-world charm to their modern-day buildings.

Unlike the old-era textures, modern-day texture tiles possess the replica textures of ancient ones, thanks to sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

In their interior design era, the three-dimensional appearance of texture tiles offers a captivating look while raising the visual interest of any setting. The textures on the tile surfaces help add depth to any space, providing a tactile quality that bounces light in all directions. 

Texture and Pattern

Some wall tiles feature a light 3D relief while some possess a more rough surface with organic or geometric designs. Also, some flat surface tiles possess textures with patterns, despite being smooth to the touch. 

So, here are different types of texture tiles available in any good tiles showroom in Pune. Have a look at them to understand how you can use them to improve your interior decor. 

Different Tiles with Textures

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles come with a design that looks like a cluster of small pieces of glass or other materials. The textures of these tiles depend on the type of materials and also the scale of the tiles, i.e., the way they are installed and their grouting. So, these tiles are great for bathroom walls. They can also provide a colourful effect on the walls while adding visual interest with their textures. 

Stratified Stone Mosaic Wall Tiles

Stratified stone mosaic tiles are tile variants that come with a unique stone effect arranged in a linear mosaic design with a rough texture. You can explore several wall tile options in this design, perfect for adding a natural feel to your walls while enhancing the visual appeal and creating a focal point in the space.

The overall effect of the tile design looks like a cluster of slim stones over an entire wall. You can lay them on your TV wall or around your fireplace to steal the limelight in the room. 

Patterned Tiles

Pattern tiles sometimes come with repeated motifs that are often smooth to the touch while some combine patterned tiles with a gentle relief on the tile surface. So, if you want to infuse the gentle textures of patterned tiles, consider using contrasting patterns in a monochromatic colour scheme to create a highly modernised look in your interior living space. 

Wave or Curved Tiles

One of the most liked texture tiles is a wave or curved tile design that is made using moulds to achieve a three-dimensional surface. Thanks to their highly modelled effect, these tiles can recreate organic fluid forms which have a smooth feel when you touch them compared to undulating surfaces or other abstract three-dimensional patterns. You can opt for soft wavy tile designs to add a soothing texture to your bathroom walls. 

Three-Dimensional Tiles 

Another excellent texture tiles variant is three-dimensional or 3D tiles which are available in diverse colours. These tiles come in a plethora of designs, from curves and straight lines to fun geometric shapes, to add a playful and seek design to contemporary spaces.

So, if you are looking for contemporary tile designs to upgrade your space, you should consider laying 3D tiles like wallpaper – from ceiling to floor, creating an excellent accent wall to look at whenever someone enters the space. 

Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles are crafted to create the same aesthetic appeal that natural wood creates in any environment. These tiles possess the natural texture and feel of natural wood, and multiple wooden tile variants feature textures and grains of different wood species. You can find variants from teak to walnut to oak, each having the feel of its natural variants. 

Limestone Tiles 

Being a well-recognised natural stone variant, limestone comes with a soft, matte texture that delivers a natural feel whenever you run your fingers on its surface. Thankfully, you can enjoy this natural feel with the digitally printed limestone tiles which are designed to add a subtle, natural look to modern spaces while offering durability and low maintenance.  


Texture tiles can be used for both flooring and walls. However, you can pick them as per your choice. Visit a good tiles showroom in Pune, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique and explore texture tiles. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Tile Textures

What are texture tiles? 

Texture tiles are any tile variant that does not come with a smooth surface. These tiles are ideal for flooring and creating accent walls, thanks to their anti-slip and decorative properties respectively. Even though the choice of textures may vary depending on your taste, they can still provide a stunning look to your interiors. 

Which tile texture is ideal for your interior walls?

The ideal tile texture depends on the location where you want to install the wall tiles. For shower spaces, texture tiles are not quite suitable as they will be hard to maintain.

Whereas, you can lay texture tiles, based on your personal choice in your living room walls, dining room walls, or bedroom walls for a decorative look.

What is the most widely preferred tile texture? 

Mosaic tiles are the most commonly use tile texture because of their wide variety. Plus, they can be use differently.