Designing with Vitrified Tiles for Timeless Beauty Beyond Ordinary Flooring

If you are planning to upgrade your home or property, you should discover the irresistible charm of vitrified tiles, which can be brought into different uses, unlike simple tile flooring or other flooring options. In this blog, we will discuss how you can use the timeless beauty of these tiles to transform the walls and floors of your interiors and exteriors, turning every ordinary space into an epitome of elegance. 

Living Room: Where Luxury Meets Functionality

The living rooms are often the most used spaces in Indian households, where people relax and socialise. So, while designing your living room, you should look for durable floor tiles which can withstand heavy foot movement in the space, and vitrified floor tiles are best for this purpose. Thankfully, these tiles offer unmatched versatility, allowing you to use them irrespective of your living room decor style. 

Whether you have a sleek and modernised living room design or a traditional one, you can elevate it with vitrified floor tiles. Likewise, you can infuse vitrified wall tiles into the space to not only beautify the walls but also make them easy to maintain. 

You can play around with colours and patterns to create a perfect timeless and elegant living room design that you will cherish for years. For example, you can select a simple large-format tile design, like white marble or soft-toned wood, for both your living room walls and flooring to create a timeless and seamless interior look. 

Kitchen: Cooking in Style

As you know, kitchens are high-activity zones, so you need to pick durable tiles, what else can be better than vitrified tiles for kitchens? Vitrified kitchen tiles are both functional and visually attractive. 

You can pick them for your kitchen walls, backsplash, and even the flooring if you prefer easy-to-clean surfaces, especially near your stove tops and sinks. These tiles are resistant to stains and scratches, making it easier for you to clean cooking residues and maintain a clean kitchen look. Likewise, their immunity towards water helps protect the walls and flooring from water or liquid spills. 

Also, if you want to lend timeless charm to your culinary space, you should pick nature-inspired vitrified tile designs, like stone and wood. However, don’t forget to add an awe-inspiring tile design to the kitchen backsplash to create a focal point in the space. 

Bathroom: A Relaxing Oasis

Bathrooms are a space where you relax, release stress, and spend some alone time, isolated from everyone. If you want to upgrade your ordinary bathroom look, you should explore diverse designs of vitrified tiles. You can opt for light-toned vitrified floor tiles with an anti-skid surface, which can create an impression of more space with safety, making your otherwise small bathroom appear larger. Likewise, you can install vitrified wall tiles in light tones for a tall ceilinged look. 

To create an everlasting charming look, you can infuse the effect of stones into the space, bringing the beauty of nature inside. You can find multiple options of nature-inspired vitrified tile options, like pebble, travertine, terrazzo, or marble. 

Also, investing in vitrified tiles offers long-lasting durability and ease of maintenance. Since they are made with high-quality materials, they are quite dense and immune to stains and scratches. This will help maintain the structural elements and a neat look in the bathroom. 

Bedroom: A Cosy, Comfy Sanctuary

In bedrooms, you should prioritise elevating the cosiness and comfort feel, which will help you relax and promote good sleep at night. So, you should look for designs of vitrified tiles that can provide a sense of luxury to the space while helping it retain its peacefulness and timeless charm. 

You can consider soft-toned tile options like wood, vintage patterns, or marble designs. Also, you can pick earthy warm-toned tile options like terracotta tiles to inject a sense of warmth and create a snug atmosphere, which invites you to relax after a long hectic day at work. 

Since vitrified tiles are easy to maintain, it will be a trouble-free experience to maintain the charming appeal of the tiles. Even if you bring in textures to the walls with textured wall tiles to add visual interest and depth, you can easily clean them using a wet cloth. 

Outdoor Living Spaces: Open-Air Elegance

Outdoor spaces often serve as the extension of your living spaces. Be it your balcony or outdoor seating area, you can effortlessly upgrade it using stunning outdoor vitrified tiles. These tiles are specially used in outdoor spaces as they come with the power to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. 

Also, these outdoor vitrified tiles come in thousands of designs and patterns that can enhance your outdoor aesthetics, just like your indoors, redefining your style and personality in the space. Whether you prefer an all-stone wall design, a wood-like rustic floor design, or a contemporary concrete tile design, you can find vitrified tiles in all options to complement all outdoor styles. 


Now that you know how to use vitrified tiles in different spaces, why don’t you consider exploring their diverse options? You can visit the nearest store of Orientbell Tiles Boutique and check out the exquisite timeless designs of vitrified tiles.