Comprehensive Circulatory System Tissue Microarrays

CD BioSciences, a US-based biotechnology company focusing on the development of imaging technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of Circulatory System Tissue Microarrays to the scientific community. This new product line offers researchers a powerful tool to study a wide range of diseases affecting the heart, blood vessels, and spleen.

CD BioSciences is committed to providing researchers with a comprehensive range of reliable imaging products and analysis services that enable them to make significant contributions to biomedical research. By offering a comprehensive selection of Circulatory System Tissue Microarrays with diverse patient samples and disease states, CD BioSciences aims to empower researchers to gain deeper insights into these critical areas of human health and conduct more efficient and comprehensive studies.

These new Circulatory System Tissue Microarrays, including Heart & Vascular Tissue Microarrays and Spleen Tissue Microarrays, are designed to accelerate research into heart disease, vascular disorders, and other conditions affecting the circulatory system. Each tissue microarray is constructed from paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks from a specific number of donor cases. Additionally, the microarrays come in various configurations, with a range of cases and core numbers per case, allowing researchers to tailor their experiments to their specific needs.

For example, the Multiple Parts of Artery Tissue and Atherosclerosis Tissue Microarray, 30 Cases, 22 Cores (Catalog # CSCT001) consist of various sections of artery tissue and atherosclerosis tissue and can be used in IHC, ISH and other routine histology procedures. This tissue microarray includes various artery tissues (coronary, aorta, etc.) and atherosclerosis samples. Each tissue has one core. This offering accelerates researchers’ studies of diseases related to arterial tissue.

Another example is the Cardiovascular Disease Tissue Microarray, 48 Cases, 24 Cores (Catalog # CSCT003), which consists of samples of cardiovascular disease tissue. It comprises 9 cases of cardiovascular tumor, 7 cases of cardiovascular disease, and 9 samples of normal cardiovascular tissue. Each case has duplicate cores. This new product offers researchers a valuable tool for studying various cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, the Heart Disease Spectrum Tissue Microarray, 100 Cases, 50 Cores (Catalog # CSCT004) contains samples of cardiac tumor tissue. It provides 1 case of mesothelioma, 5 cases of myxoma, 20 cases of valvular disease, 5 cases of inflammation, 2 samples of adjacent normal tissue, and 17 samples of normal tissue. This innovative product is designed to accelerate research into heart disease, vascular disorders, and other conditions affecting the circulatory system.

By providing researchers with a convenient and efficient way to analyze samples, CD BioSciences team hopes to contribute to the development of new diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. To find detailed information about each product, including the number of cases and cores per microarray, please visit

About CD BioSciences

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company committed to the development of imaging technology for many years. Its scientists can utilize high-content imaging, nanoparticle imaging, imaging flow cytometry, time-lapse imaging, and other techniques to image cell structure, cell migration, cell proliferation, pathogen infection mechanisms, and interactions between protein molecules.