Common Myths about Locum Doctor Jobs in Healthcare: Know the Reality

Entering the world of locum healthcare jobs may seem tough because of the myths and rumors. So, it is always better to sift through the noise to know the realities.

Right now, over 80% of companies use locum tenes. However, myths make many physicians feel insecure enough to do locum jobs. So, let’s learn more about those misconceptions to find the real truths.

Common Misconceptions Regarding the Locum Doctor Jobs in Healthcare

Locum doctor jobs are there to fulfil shortage requirements. However, some rumors regarding these jobs often put doctors off. So, clearing the air before you do locum doctor jobs is better. So, let’s know that!

You Cannot Find the Suitable Roles.

The most common myth regarding locum jobs is limited job opportunities. Some doctors believe that these jobs are available for specific locations. You cannot find suitable roles for you. But, it is not true. Doctors can find locum jobs as per their preferences and specialty. You can even choose the location and negotiate the pay rate.

Locum Work Too Much Paperwork

Many doctors believe locum jobs mean too much paperwork. They think that heavy administrative work will eat up their time. It will make it tough for them to concentrate on the patients. But, in locum jobs, it is the complete opposite. These jobs reduce your administrative burden. They do not need much paperwork as everything happens online.

You Do Not Get Training

Another myth about locum doctor jobs is that locum doctors do not get enough training. As they work as replacements for permanent doctors, they lack training. Some aspiring locum doctors worry they must work in an unfamiliar environment. But, no, most healthcare facilities support and train locum doctors. Through this, they get ready for their roles and treat patients.

Locum Jobs Do Not Pay You Well

Many doctors think locum doctors could get paid better than full-time doctors. They think locum jobs offer limited earning opportunities. But, the reality is that there are several high-paying locum jobs available. However, how much you can earn varies on the assignment length. But both short and long assignments pay doctors well.

Locum Jobs Only for Travel Enthusiasts

Another popular myth is that locum jobs are only for doctors who love to travel. This is not the actual case. Though, it is true that locum jobs give you a chance to work in different locations. However, they are not exclusively for travel enthusiasts. Doctors mostly pick locum jobs for convenience and flexibility. Also, these jobs offer work-life balance.

You Cannot Do Locum Jobs When You Have Full-Time Position

Some doctors think juggling locum physician jobs with full-time positions is impossible. They worry that taking locum jobs will hamper their existing commitments and make it tough for them to balance several roles. However, there will not be any problem managing both permanent and locum roles. This is because doctors get the opportunity to work according to their schedules.

Working As a Locum Doctor Impact CV Negatively

There is a misconception that switching jobs may reflect poorly on doctors’ CVs. But, contrary to popular belief, it works the opposite and strengthens CV. It shows your adaptability, versatility, and work experience. Also, you can highlight your capability to work in different settings through this. This way, you can serve patients in different locations and earn more.

Locum Doctors Cannot Build Good Relations with Patients

The short-term nature of locum jobs makes building a good relationship with patients tough. While this may seem challenging, it is not impossible. Locum physicians are not involved in work politics to spend more time with their patients.


Dispelling myths about locum physician jobs is important for healthcare professionals. It helps you understand the realities of applying for those jobs. It can be a great option for doctors who want to grow professionally.

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What are the benefits of locum doctor jobs?

Locum doctor jobs offer many advantages. They allow doctors to work according to their schedules, offer competitive pay rates, and give doctors exposure to working in different settings.

Do you have to travel more often when doing locum jobs?

Yes, you need to travel while doing locum jobs. But, the frequency depends on some locum jobs. You can target local jobs as well if you only travel a little. It depends on your preferences.