Can Asphalt Sealing Fix Existing Cracks In Your Driveway?

Maintaining a smooth, unblemished driveway involves periodic care and expert intervention, especially when dealing with the ubiquitous asphalt. Homeowners must consider opting for professional driveway sealing services in tacoma wa to extend the lifespan of their driveway by forming a protective barrier against the elements. However, when it comes to existing significant cracks, additional measures come into play before sealing can do its job. This blog explores how expert contractors handle existing cracks and why their expertise is crucial for a lasting solution.

Understanding The Importance Of Professional Driveway Sealing Services In Tacoma WA:

Asphalt sealing acts as a protective layer for driveways, shielding them from water, oils, and UV damage. However, it is not inherently designed to repair existing deep cracks. Experts recommend repairing these faults before applying sealant for effective results. This approach prevents water and debris from seeping into the base materials, a primary cause for concern that leads to further deterioration. By addressing cracks first, sealing afterward ensures a smoother, more durable surface.

The Right Way To Handle Cracks:

Before sealing, experts meticulously assess the driveway for any damage. Cracks, depending on their size, may require different treatments. Small hairline cracks often get filled with a liquid crack filler that hardens and prevents further damage. In contrast, larger, more significant cracks might need a more robust intervention using hot asphalt material. So, selecting asphalt seal coating services Tacoma WA is crucial because, despite sealing, untreated cracks can continue to compromise the driveway’s integrity.

Sealant Application: Timing And Techniques

After addressing the cracks, the next step involves the actual application of the asphalt sealant. Professionals ensure the surface is clean and dry to guarantee the sealant adheres properly. Timing also plays a critical role; typically, dry, warm weather conditions are ideal. By using advanced tools and techniques, experts apply the sealant evenly across the driveway, ensuring a smooth finish that not only looks good but provides robust protection.

Maintenance Tips Post-Sealing:

Once sealed, maintaining the driveway involves regular cleaning and monitoring for new damage. Experts advise homeowners to keep their sealed driveways free from debris and chemicals that can wear down the asphalt. Additionally, while the sealant provides protection, it wears over time. Therefore, by prioritizing driveway sealing services in Tacoma WA you can maintain its condition, preventing the need for frequent extensive repairs.

Choosing The Right Sealant For Your Driveway:

Selecting the appropriate sealant type is crucial for effective asphalt sealing. Experts understand the different formulations available and choose one that best suits the specific conditions of your driveway. For instance, acrylic-based sealants provide excellent UV protection and enhance the color of the asphalt. On the contrary, coal tar sealants, while more resistant to water and oil, contain stronger chemicals. Professionals will assess the driveway’s exposure to elements, traffic patterns, and previous maintenance records to make an informed decision. This tailored approach ensures the sealant adheres properly and performs optimally for longer periods.

Post-Sealing Care And Observations:

It’s important to keep an eye on the road for any changes or problems after sealing it. Experts say that to give the sealant enough time to dry fully, avoiding heavy use and keeping cars off the surface for at least 48 hours is important. Also, people who own their own homes should check the driveway often for damage or signs of wear, especially after bad weather. Finding problems early on can help people take action more quickly, which could save money on expensive fixes. So, with asphalt sealing in Tacoma WA, homeowners can keep their driveway in great shape and get the most out of the coating and the asphalt underneath.

Effective Cleaning Before Sealing:

Before putting on the sealant, the driveway needs to be cleaned very well. Professionals use powerful fans and brushes to get rid of all the dirt and trash that are on the asphalt surface. In order to prevent any interference with the sealer sticking, specific measures are taken to address oil spots or marks. It is important to do this because a clean surface helps the sealant stick to the asphalt better, making it work better and last longer. So, professionals make sure the whole area is spotlessly clean before going on to the next step in the sealing process.

The Role Of Weather In Sealing Projects:

 To set a date for the closing, experts look for clear, dry weather with mild temperatures. Conditions must be just right because humidity and rain can stop the sealant from setting properly, and too much heat can make it dry too fast. Professionals make sure that the sealant works best by applying it at the right time. This way, it cures properly and forms a protected layer that is even all over. Homeowners need to know how important the weather is to this process because it directly affects how well their road care goes.

Longevity Of Sealed Driveways:

While sealing can significantly extend the lifespan of an asphalt driveway, it does not make it invulnerable to wear and tear. By considering the driveway’s usage and exposure to the elements, experts recommend reapplying the sealant every few years. This regular maintenance helps preserve the asphalt’s integrity and appearance. Experts can assess when reapplication is necessary based on the current condition of the driveway and the performance of the previous sealant layer. This ongoing care ensures that the driveway remains protected and functional for years.


Handling asphalt requires specific skills and equipment that most homeowners do not have. Professional driveway services bring expertise and high-grade materials to the job, ensuring that every step, from crack repair to sealing, is performed correctly. So, by choosing professional driveway sealing services in tacoma wa you can enhance your driveway’s appearance and significantly extend its lifespan, saving homeowners time and money in the long run.