Answered: Everything About What is Intel Evo

Intel Evo, as the name suggests, is a platform developed by Intel with admission to support laptop innovation. But there is more about Intel Evo that you should know. So let’s take a tour of Intel Evo to understand what it is, why it’s necessary, and why you should look for it the next time you buy a new laptop. 

What is Intel Evo? 

Let us know what is intel evo? Intel Evo is a label for high-performing, premium laptops. Intel Evo is engineered to provide a premium experience that demands high performance, long battery life, and portability from their devices to match their fast-paced lifestyle. 

Intel Evo laptops aren’t any regular devices. They go through rigorous testing on specific parameters related to performance, connections, quality, and suitability (based on usage) which makes them one of the most attractive machines one can find around. Intel achieves this by outlining detailed hardware and software criteria that laptop manufacturers must follow. 

Some of the Hardware-based criteria include 

  • Processor: Laptops should have the latest Gen Intel Core processor of least i5 or higher.
  • Graphics: An Intel Evo Laptop should have integrated graphics (Intel Iris Xe graphics) or optional discrete graphics (Intel Arc, AMD, or Nvidia).
  • Memory and storage: A laptop must have a minimum memory (RAM) of 8 GB and a provision for a solid-state drive (SSD) for storage.
  • Battery life: Laptops must have a battery life of at least 9 hours, ensuring consistent real-world usage. Also, they should have super fast charging capabilities and offer up to 4 hours of charging in under 30 minutes. 
  • Connectivity: Laptops should support Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Thunderbolt 4 to enable fast data transfer and connectivity.
  • Display: They must have a screen with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and support touch and stylus input.
  • Form factor: A laptop should be thin and compact and shouldn’t weigh more than 3.5 pounds.

Alongside this, there are specific software requirements that Intel Evo laptops meet. 

  • Wake-up time: A laptop should be able to wake up from sleep in less than one second.
  • AI-based noise suppression: Must be able to recognize and suppress the background noise. 
  • Easy and Secure login: This should have biometric login features that support fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, or Bluetooth.

Once the laptop fulfils the above criteria, they are offered an Intel Evo badge. An Intel Evo Badge is in itself a testament to the quality and performance that users can experience without any compromise and limitations of cables. 

Features of Intel Evo:

  • Thin, light, and sleek form factor: These laptops are packed with advanced features in powerful, lightweight, and portable form factors. 
  • At least 12 to 16-inch (Full HD) display, with a backlit keyboard and precision touchpad 
  • Sleek chassis and narrow bezels
  • High-fidelity codecs and speakers
  • Super fast performance: With an impressive look and designs, it seamlessly integrates powerful processing that helps you multitask. 
  • 13th gen Intel Core i5, i7, or i9 processor (at least) with Intel Iris Xe graphics
  • Compatible with Windows 11 or Chrome OS 
  • A memory of at least 8GB
  • Faster Connectivity: Intel Evo laptops enable faster connectivity for both wired and wireless devices for data transfer and internet usage. 
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 E offer 3x faster connectivity
  • Thunderbolt 4 ports for wired connectivity 
  • AI-based noise suppression
  • Lightning Charging: Intel Evo laptops have a durable battery with fast charging features allowing you to browse, work and stream throughout the day. 
  • Thunderbolt charging over USB-C
  • Lower power components, thus offering higher power efficiency.
  • Built for Your Needs: Intel Evo laptops are built to serve multiple needs. With remote manageability, outstanding responsiveness, and robust security features, it makes an impressive experience for users. 
  • Instant wake from sleep
  • Support biometric login capabilities (fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, or Bluetooth)


Benefits of Intel Evo

  • Easily Tackle Intensive Workloads: Intel Evo laptops boast the latest Gen Intel Core processors that are faster and more efficient than other processors. It results in better performance, quick start-up times, and ease of multitasking.
  • Impressive User Experience: Intel Evo laptops truly make the user experience seamless, with features like instant wake-up and fast charging. These features allow you to start work immediately without being delayed by slower response time and recharging batteries. 
  • The Battery is Built to Last: These laptops are known for their energy efficiency. That is so because Evo-enabled laptops utilize low-powered components which consume less energy, allowing these laptops to last longer at a single charge. You can easily use your devices throughout the day without running out of battery.
  • Connectivity with High-Quality Communication: Intel Evo laptops support Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4, providing fast and reliable connectivity to the internet and external devices. With such good connectivity, communication tremendously improves. 

Also, with AI noise suppression and background blur features, the Evo laptop ensures high-quality video calls. You sound and look good as they suppress the background noise and blur the background while you attend a video meeting and conference on the go or from the office. 


Intel Evo laptops are one of the most reliable and fastest machines of today’s time. With long battery life, lightweight and a small form factor, Evo laptops are the best device for on-the-go entertainment and productivity.