Amerigo Scientific Expands Its Portfolio of Glycan Labeling Kits

Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, announces its extensive portfolio of cutting-edge products specifically designed to support glycan analysis. The company aims to empower scientists and researchers with innovative tools to advance their understanding of these intricate areas of study.


Glycosylation is a crucial process that involves the attachment of carbohydrates to proteins, lipids, or other molecules. As the understanding of glycosylation’s importance in various biological processes grows, so does the demand for advanced tools and technologies to enable detailed analysis.


Recognizing this need, Amerigo Scientific has collaborated with renowned manufacturers and vendors worldwide to enrich its product lineup with a range of cutting-edge labeling kits, providing researchers with new possibilities for glycosylation analysis. The expanded selection offers a comprehensive toolkit to study glycosylation intricately, allowing scientists to delve deeper into this significant biochemical phenomenon.


Among their flagship offerings is the advanced 2-AB glycan labeling kit that provides researchers with robust and efficient workflows for labeling of free glycans with 2-aminobenzamide acid (2-AB). 2-AB (2-aminobenzamide) is one of the most widely used fluorescent labels for glycosylation analysis and Amerigo Scientific’s 2-AB glycan labeling kit includes all the reagents required to label up to 24 glycans samples. Boasting high sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility, these kits enable scientists to unravel the complexity of glycans with ease and confidence.


“With the expansion of our labeling kits, Amerigo Scientific aims to empower researchers in their pursuit of understanding glycosylation’s role in various biological processes,” said the Business Development Manager at Amerigo Scientific. “We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that provide enhanced specificity, sensitivity, and ease of use, ensuring precise analysis and accelerating scientific advancements in this field.”


Importantly, Amerigo Scientific’s glycan product catalog includes everything from high-quality lectins to state-of-the-art glycan purification kits. With their passion for scientific progress, Amerigo Scientific aims to equip researchers with reliable and accurate products that enable robust glycomic and glycoproteomic analyses, thereby expediting breakthroughs in various scientific disciplines.