A Guide to Sarms: Everything About The Latest Supplement Fad

Move over steroids for there’s a new supplement dominating the physique-enhancement discourse. We are talking about SARMs. It seems bodybuilders weren’t over anabolic steroids yet and now they have another supplement to research.

Truly a problem of plenty! Many are claiming that the latest supplement fad has emerged as a contender to replace Genesis steroids. Naturally, it warrants some discussion and it’s better to clear the air around the new class of performance-enhancing drugs.

What are SARMs?

Since 2017, a new breed of pills called SARMs has been making waves on the internet. Countless YouTube videos by famous bodybuilders and athletes raving about this new class of drugs are doing the rounds.

It has made a lot of people in the bodybuilding community curious as well. The FOMO effect has caused many to try out these pills and see the perceived benefits themselves.

The pills generating such heightened interest are the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. These are anabolic ligands that bind to the androgen receptor in the body and release testosterone.

They may appear similar to a Genesis steroid like Drostanolone but are different in their chemical composition and effects. These drugs virtually serve the same purpose in the body, i.e. speeding up muscle growth as well as increasing strength and endurance.

The origin of SARMs

Behind the discoveries of many drugs lies coincidence. Like many great things in life, chance has a great role to play here. The discovery of SARMs is one such incident. Somewhere in his lab, Prof. James T Dalton was busy finding a cure for prostate cancer.

During his research in the 90s, he came across a chemical compound called Andarine. Although Andarine was useless in cancer treatment, Dalton couldn’t ignore its effects on muscle formation.

Dalton realised that he had something unique in front of him and worked on refining the Andarine compound to come up with another ligand called Ostarine. The latter was a polished version of Andarine.

He tested the new drug on elderly men in clinical trials and found that it worked. Over a 12-week course of Ostarine, several elderly men had lean muscle mass and had seen considerable fat reduction. They also saw a remarkable increase in their endurance as they were able to climb more stairs than before.

SARMs vs Anabolic steroids: Similarities and Differences

There are plenty of similarities between SARMs and anabolic steroids yet they are widely different. Let’s take a look at how both these drug classes are alike and different.

1. Similarities

  • Nomenclature: Anabolic steroids go by the name of Deca, Dbol, tren etc. SARMs go by the name of Andarine or Ostarine.
  • Consumption form: Steroids are usually taken as intramuscular injections. SARMs are taken exclusively as pills.
  • Receptor binding: Both anabolic steroids and SARMs bind to the androgen receptors. They alter the DNA to bring about changes in muscle formation.

2. Differences

The major difference between the two is the trigger reaction. The extra testosterone released by anabolic steroids is converted into DHT by the scalp and prostate enzymes. The DHT in turn binds to the androgen receptors even more strongly (5 times as strong as testosterone).

This elicits a strong reaction in the scalp and prostate and one may see issues like hair loss, acne, and prostate problems. SARMs on the other hand are more tissue-selective and do not trigger such reactions.

Is it really a wonder drug?

SARMs have shown exceptional results in lean muscle mass building and fat reduction. Their tissue-selective nature also gives them an edge over anabolic steroids. You may be tempted to order these pills right now. But before you buy these pills, you should know a few things about them.

1. Not FDA approved:

It is important to mention that these pills are still not approved by FDA. This means they are unlicensed and virtually unregulated. The drug regulators in the US have cracked down on the sale of such pills but they’re still being sold quite freely in many countries.

2. Potential side effects:

Some users have experienced side effects like nausea, heightened dizziness, and testicular shrinkage even. Although some of these side effects could also be caused due to adulteration. Some sellers use a mixture of anabolic steroids in the pills and label it as a SARM.

3. Doubtful authenticity:

The Journal of American Medical Association has found that a lot of these pills being sold are duplicitous. It’s alarming that 48% of the samples studied did not contain SARMs at all! Also, 59% of the samples had substances other than those mentioned on the label.

4. Hype and bias:

Another factor in the intrigue behind these drugs is the hype around the product. As mentioned above, several bodybuilders and YouTubers have been amping up these drugs online. These reviews tend to have a bias towards the benefits of the drugs and often hide their side effects.

Key Takeaway

Muscle bulking supplements have become quite diverse. Now, SARMs are also on the list. Its popularity has soared, especially in the past five years. They signal an interesting turn in the development of physique and endurance. More research needs to be done to understand their properties and effects. Meanwhile, it’s best to source it from reputed sources only.