15 Marketing Attribution Companies: Your Guide to the Industry Leaders

If you’re evaluating attribution software, we’ve compiled the key information for you. Check out our curated list of top attribution providers, ranging from comprehensive multi-touch solutions to specialized point solutions, before you continue your own research. When you’re ready, schedule a demo of our attribution software to explore our solution.

Top 15 Marketing Attribution Companies by LeadsRx

As an enterprise marketer exploring marketing technology solutions, particularly multi-touch attribution and point solutions, you’re making a forward-thinking move to stay ahead of the competition.

Here’s our perspective on the dynamic enterprise marketing attribution landscape, the available provider options, and potential fits for your needs.

Impartial Multi-Touch Attribution Software Companies

To gain the best insights from attribution data, an omni-channel approach with a provider offering true multi-touch attribution (MTA) is essential. At LeadsRx, we’ve been pioneering this since our launch over five years ago, continually evolving our offerings. True impartiality and omni-channel tracking are crucial for an accurate view of your marketing programs.

1. C3 Metrics

C3 Metrics provides a unified view across digital, TV, radio, and direct mail channels. Their Attribution Data Cloud measures campaign effectiveness and provides actionable insights for optimizing marketing investments.

Good fit for: Global enterprise marketers seeking comprehensive marketing spend insights. Pricing for C3 Metrics: Available upon request.

2. LeadsRx

LeadsRx collects touchpoints across all channels and provides impartial insights through the Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™, capturing all marketing touchpoints, both online and offline. Real-time insights allow for in-flight campaign adjustments and ROAS optimization.

Good fit for: Mid-to-large enterprise marketers and agencies. Pricing for LeadsRx: Available upon request.

3. Neustar

Neustar offers multi-touch attribution to help marketers monitor online and offline campaign results, understand customer journeys, and optimize omni-channel strategies.

Good fit for: Businesses investing in offline advertising. Pricing for Neustar: Available upon request.

Multi-Touch Attribution Providers That Have Been Acquired

The MarTech space has seen several multi-touch attribution providers acquired by larger companies, potentially compromising their impartiality due to parent company interests.

4. Adometry (Google Analytics 360)

Acquired by Google, Adometry uses advanced machine learning for better ad click tracking and conversion crediting.

Good fit for: Existing Google advertisers. Pricing for Adometry: Free for eligible Google Analytics users.

5. Bizible (Adobe)

Focused on B2B marketing, Bizible uses granular performance data and machine learning to track buyer journeys. Now part of Adobe.

Good fit for: B2B marketers. Pricing for Bizible: Available upon request.

Marketing Attribution Software Point Solutions

These vendors focus on attribution for specific marketing channels, offering narrow but specialized insights.

6. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer specializes in mobile app install attribution and media source tracking, including TV and OTT.

Good fit for: Businesses using mobile apps for marketing. Pricing for AppsFlyer: Free tools to enterprise models (pricing upon request).

7. CallRail

CallRail focuses on call and conversion data to assess the performance of inbound calls, online forms, and texts.

Good fit for: Businesses relying on inbound communications. Pricing for CallRail: $45-$145/month depending on services.

8. iSpotTV

iSpotTV verifies TV ad impressions and view rates using data from 16M Smart TVs, offering real-time media measurement.

Good fit for: TV advertisers. Pricing for iSpotTV: Available upon request.

9. Chartable (Spotify)

Chartable provides podcast analytics and attribution, helping publishers grow and advertisers understand their spend.

Good fit for: Podcast advertisers. Pricing for Chartable: $20-$100/month; enterprise pricing upon request.

10. Podsights (Spotify)

Podsights connects podcast downloads to onsite activity, demonstrating campaign effectiveness.

Good fit for: Podcast advertisers. Pricing for Podsights: $1.95 CPM pay-as-you-go; $500 flat rate for established brands.

11. TVSquared

TVSquared measures impressions and outcomes across linear and digital TV, including OTT, for unified insights.

Good fit for: Broadcast and digital TV advertisers. Pricing for TVSquared: Available upon request.

12. Veritone

Veritone correlates broadcast ad placements with website interactions, providing near real-time insights using Google Analytics data.

Good fit for: TV and radio broadcasters. Pricing for Veritone: Available upon request.

Honorable Mention Attribution Tools

These vendors, though not full multi-touch solutions, provide valuable insights depending on your business size and focus.

13. Attribution App

Attribution App uses proprietary algorithms to measure broadcast, digital, and offline campaign performance.

Good fit for: B2B and B2C marketers. Pricing for Attribution App: Available upon request.

14. DemandJump

DemandJump combines marketing data with customer behavior insights to find market opportunities.

Good fit for: B2B and B2C companies and agencies. Pricing for DemandJump: $99-$1,499/month; enterprise pricing upon request.

15. Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics offers closed-loop multi-channel attribution, matching user details to engagement across all marketing touchpoints.

Good fit for: Data-driven teams. Pricing for Ruler Analytics: £99-£149/month depending on services.


Conduct thorough research to determine the best attribution software for your needs. Schedule demos, review case studies and testimonials, consult existing clients, and check third-party reviews. We’re here to assist with any inquiries about multi-touch attribution and how it can benefit your marketing efforts. Schedule a demo to see how attribution can work for you. For further learning, consider enrolling in an attribution course to deepen your understanding of these essential tools.