The 5 must-follow Steps for your Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles that give you Peace of Mind

What would you require when you are planning to renovate your kitchen for long-term gains?

Every kitchen makeover in Los Angeles requires a significant amount of planning and for a valid reason. To begin with, redesigning an entire kitchen may be quite costly. However, it promises to give you a high return on investment in the long run, especially if you want to sell your property in the future. Even if you have no intention of selling your house, designing and installing your ideal kitchen breaks the monotony of cooking into an unexciting atmosphere.

Jay Engineering has always ensured that homeowners should get what they want out of their kitchen if they follow these 5 steps carefully in planning a kitchen renovation:

  1. Prepare a Kitchen Wish List

Make a wish list for kitchen your project. Use our A to Z Want List Guide Book to help you figure out what to put on your wish list. You may have gathered ideas from books, journals, and the internet. However, it’s also helpful to identify specific materials you’ll need to complete your renovation project.

Cabinet hardware, a pullout garbage can, LED lighting, full-extension drawer glides, and other smaller items should all be on your list. The objects on your list will be those things that you’ll need to buy and include in the project’s cost. Keep the list in a separate binder or on your personal computer. We may inquire about your wish list if you have one so that we can discuss it during our meeting and before finalizing the contract.

Consider the following when compiling your wish list:

  • What You Need to Change in Your Kitchen: You cannot change the entire kitchen. Be as precise as possible. Several homeowners want new counters, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures installed in their home kitchens. A new backsplash, lighting, and flooring may also be on your wish list. Besides, you may focus on additional storage while remodeling your kitchen.
  • You Need to Decide The Size of The Kitchen or any Modification Required: In some properties, the original kitchen layout is quite functional. However, in others, it may be more practical to gain space by combining the kitchen with the adjoining dining room or by adding an enclosure. Make a note of any improvements you’d like to make to the current setup because they’ll be vital to incorporate in a kitchen design.
  1. Assess your Kitchen Space

It’s critical to think about how your kitchen will fulfill the wishes of your family when considering a makeover. Take time to contemplate and also consider the following factors:

  • The Strength of Your Family Members and Their Utilization of the Kitchen: Are you a professional couple who will require a message center as well as a cell phone or computer recharging station? Will you require a casual dining area or a location for the children to complete their homework? Do you have pets and would require a place to store their food, leashes, a litter box, and a pet bed?
  • What Functional Modes a Primary Cook will adopt: The primary cook’s working style in the kitchen should be considered while placing cabinets and appliances. Moreover, it’s also crucial to take into account the number of cooks in charge of the kitchen.
  • Consider the Storage Items: Make a list of the articles you intend to store while arranging storage space. Will large pans, pots, or dishes demand deep shelving? Are there any products you use daily that you’d like to keep on open shelves? How much baking supply drawer and utensil space will you need? Do you intend to stock the redesigned kitchen with more or lesser inventory?
  • Users’ Physical Dimensions: Take into account your height and reach. Cabinets should be set at a level where you can readily access the contents. If you have to crawl down on your knees to collect items from base cabinets, you might want to explore deep storage drawers or pullout shelves. Consider kids as well. It could be beneficial for them to have a counter at a table height. What types of modifications will be required if a family member has a disability? It’s also a vital point to consider.
  1. Establish Work Areas in the Kitchen

In any modern apartment, the kitchen is the “most frequented” room. Your main objective should center on cooking and preparing delicacies for your loved ones. However, you can also include other functionalities to utilize the extra space, such as informal dining, entertaining, storage and preparation of beverages, paying utility bills, and laundry works. You may address all these issues if you remodel your kitchen in keeping with these factors.

  1. Complete the Decor

Define your personal style. What style of kitchen impresses you when you look at images of contemporary kitchens? Are you looking for something modern and sleek? Do you prefer something classic but with a personalized touch? Cabinet styles may be useful to consider because they will be the major architectural wonder in the revamped kitchen room.

  1. Look at the latest kitchen trends and technologies

It’s beneficial to visit kitchen stores and explore online before beginning a remodeling job. Browsing the custom kitchen blog posts on our website can teach you a lot about current trends. Visit Jay Remodeling company website, which has transformed the house remodeling industry by showcasing the selective kitchen decor items conforming to modern trends. Attending one of our remodeling seminars might also help you learn more about innovative designs and materials.


With so many variables to consider when planning a kitchen makeover, it’s critical to thoroughly manage each stage of the remodeling process. As you have realized the importance of a perfect kitchen remodel by optimum space utilization, it should not be challenging any more to take up your project responsibility. In case of any assistance, feel free to revert to our technical experts for a clear guidance.

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