5 Unique Suggestions to maximize your Kitchen Remodeling Plan in the City and Downtown Area of San Jose

Know the techniques to convert your old kitchen into a new space to add value to your property.

Kitchen remodeling is more expensive than any other home renovation, and for a clear reason. Kitchens are the heart of the home and create a sense of pride for many San Jose homeowners. You can recoup a considerable percentage of your kitchen remodeling costs by going through the process of kitchen remodeling. A complete kitchen makeover recovers more than 60 percent of the initial project cost at the time of selling.

Follow these five steps to help you earn a decent payback on your kitchen remodel:

  1. Planning

The planning phase of your remodeling project should take longer than the home renovation phase. You can reduce the amount of time if you plan well ahead. You are also required to stick to your budget. How much time should you set aside to plan? It may take at least six months. It will help you remain firm on your decisions and prevent you from issuing changes during construction. Otherwise, it will increase the construction costs and reduce your return on investment.

A few crucial planning tips are as under:

  • Examine Your Current Kitchen: What is the width of your kitchen doorway? Most homeowners make the error of purchasing an extra-large refrigerator only to discover that it would not fit through the doorway. Develop a sketch of your kitchen with accurate measurements for walkways, doorways, counters, and other features to minimize these common mistakes. Also, don’t forget the height.
  • Check out the Traffic Patterns: Work aisles should conform to a minimum of 42 inches in width for single chefs and standard 48 inches wide for multi-cook households.
  • Consider Ergonomics When Creating Your Design: Pull-out shelves or base cabinet drawers, adjustable counter heights, and a wall oven rather than a cooking range are all attributes that make a kitchen comfortable for everyone and enjoyable to perform.
  • Prepare for the Unexpected: Expect the unexpected, even though you’ve organized your remodel with perfection. Allow for some extra space when it comes to finishing the renovation. Do you need it complete by Thanksgiving? Then make a schedule to finish before the fall.
  • Ensure Fixtures and Materials before Starting: The possibility of delays due to backorders will be reduced if inputs and other resources are in place.
  • Don’t be Hesitant to ask for Help: Your kitchen redesign might be made comfortable with the help of a professional designer. White Remodeling professionals assist in making style judgments, anticipating future issues, and scheduling the project timelines.
  1. Real-Time Appliances

When it comes to designing your new kitchen, it’s tempting to get carried away. While a six-burner commercial-grade cooking range and a luxury-brand refrigerator may be in high demand, they may not be appropriate for your culinary needs or existing lifestyle. Appliances mainly comprise cooking and storage devices.

The design and usefulness of the entire kitchen should be the focus of your kitchen makeover, not the tools. Therefore, unless you’re a great cook, spend your money on long-term components like cabinetry and flooring that increase your kitchen performance. Then go with trusted products that have received good ratings in online reviews and user assessments.

  1. Maintain the Appropriate Footprint

Shifting the placement of electrical outlets and plumbing pipes besides pulling down walls will push up the price of a kitchen makeover. It’s the most common occurrence when unanticipated issues arise. Therefore, keep water fixtures, other vital appliances and walls in your vicinity. Not only will you save money on demolition and subsequent reconstruction, but you’ll also reduce the amount of pollution and trash generated by the project in progress.

  1. Focus on Lighting

In kitchen remodeling, perfect lighting can make all the difference. It can make it appear bigger and brighter. It will also assist you in working comfortably and effectively. In your kitchen, you need two types of lighting:

  • Task Lighting: Because cabinets provide such dark environments, under-cabinet lighting has to be on your must-have list. There’s no better moment to hard-wire your lights than when you’re redecorating. To avoid shadows, consider a minimum of two lamps per task area. For islands and other worktops lacking low cabinets, pendant lights are ideal. With no cabinets above, recessed and track lights work beautifully over sinks and primary prep spaces.
  • Ambient Lighting: Overall illumination in your kitchen is provided by flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, track lights, and wall sconces. Dimmer switches can be used to modify the intensity and tone of the lighting.
  1. Stress on Quality

During kitchen remodeling, durability and functionality should go hand in hand. Avoid low-quality discounts and opt for products that have a low maintenance requirement and an extended warranty period. Solid-surface countertops, for example, maybe more expensive, but with careful treatment, they will last a long time. Also, if you’re going to sell your home soon, devices with warranties are a big attraction. Storage will never go out of trend, but if you’re working with limited space, here are a few suggestions for adding more:

  • Cabinet Installations to Ceiling Height: They may be more expensive, and a stepladder may be required. However, you’ll gain crucial storage access for Christmas cuisines and other seasonal sensations. Besides, you also won’t have to wipe the cabinet tops.
  • Space for Hanging: Install tiny shelf units on underused wall spaces and inside cabinet doors. Besides, you may hang ceiling-mounted racks for stock pots and large skillets and hooks for brooms, aprons, and mops on the rear ends of closet doors.


A large kitchen remodeling job can be stressful, and deciding what modifications to make can be challenging. Fortunately, with the correct plans in place and competent assistance from a San Jose remodeling company, your remodel will be a success. Schedule a meeting with White Remodeling today, and the experts will instantly outline the whole process from beginning to end.